Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday I made a Cinnamon and Sugar Pull Apart bread recipe that I got from the Joy the Baker website. I normally use my bread machine to make any dough that I need to work with. This time, it didn't sound to complicated, so I just skipped the machine and did it by hand. It turned out pretty good. Despite the fact that I skipped a step. Stupid me. But hey I was distracted. I do have 2 kids ya know. Once I sliced and and placed it into the loaf pan, I was supposed to let it rise again. Instead, I just threw it in the oven. So I ended up baking it a bit longer to get it done in the middle. One other thing, it is way way too much sugar for my tastes. I like the amount of cinnamon and nutmeg though. Anyway, it pretty good. Its a thin version of cinnamon rolls basically, oh and without the icing. Id make it again. But I think I will be more careful to let it rise!


After. I pulled it apart to make it fit in a ziplock bag and to show what it looks like.

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