Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So..its Wednesday

Busy morning. Appointments, errands. Now its snowing. Its been snowing. Winter is over. It is supposed to be spring. I'm tired. I have a headache. Ok all of that is out of the way. Ryan's mom brought Dylan back this morning. He enjoyed himself. He seems very tired. Too much fun I guess. I'm glad he had a good couple of days. Now back to sharing the spotlight.
Dropped off all of our Goodwill stuff. Now I need to finish getting the rest of it together. Hopefully I can take it out there on Monday. That's the goal anyway. We'll see. A third of it is washed. Another third is not. Another third is still in the dressers. If I had it my way there are so many things in this house that we would take up there in addition to all of those clothes. But Ryan hates to part with things. Even if he hasn't used it in years.

So yeah. Things are pretty boring right now. We had a busy couple of days, but now we are slowing down. Nothing on the agenda for quite some time.

I haven't made any posts about dinner in a while. Its been pretty uneventful there too. Although, I should have taken pictures of the burritos from the other night. They were kind of pretty! Oh well. Last night was pizza! Yay for pizza! Tonight hamburgers. I'm not sure what I am making along side though. Oh, and I found a method or recipe I guess, for making smores indoors! I bought all the stuff, and hope to get to them one evening this week. I will show you all of that. Should be interesting.

Ending with a couple of pictures from this week.

Dylan. He's my emotional one.

Ethan. He's my troublemaker.


  1. What about corn on the cob and potato salad? Hope your head ache goes away!

  2. Yes that does sound good! But would require a trip to store. I cant wait until we can get sweet corn from the backyard again! Come on summer!

  3. Ugh...I am so very very tired of the snow! Guess that's what we get for living in ohio.


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