Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

Both boys are so stinking grumpy today! Its a warm day out, but rather gloomy looking. Maybe that's why they are so crabby. I don't have much to add today. Tomorrow I hope to share pictures of tonight's dinner. Creamy Red Potatoes from the crock pot, and a Turkey and Sage Meatloaf. Should be yummy! Its been a while since I've made the meatloaf. And I have never made these potatoes.
I'm sharing a couple of photos I have been playing with. The first one is one of Ethan laying on the floor. I just happen to catch him on a down moment. Part of his noggin was in the sun. I think it made for a nice photo. I did edit it quite a bit. Some of it is softened, I softened the colors as well, because the sun was so bright. The second photo I took while we flying into Las Vegas. As we got closer, we got to see a lot of lovely landscape. Again it was edited. I brought out the colors and then again, added a 60's wash to it. I don't know why I like that look so much, but I do.

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