Monday, August 30, 2010

I feel like poo! Headache, again. Not too painful though. But my back, OUCH! It is killing me for some reason. It hurts so bad to sit on the floor to play with Ethan. It hurts to lean over to pick him up. I get minor relief when I lay down. I have no idea what I have done to it, but I had to have hurt something somehow. We didn't do much this weekend, as always, but really it was a nice weekend. Pleasant is the best way to put it.
Dylan refused to leave today when I picked him up from school. He couldn't wait to get out the door this morning, so I should have known he would put up a fight. When I got there, they were all outside. He saw me and ran for this little plastic playhouse they have. I had to crouch in that thing and pull him out. I was not happy to say the least. Anytime they are outside he fights me. If they are inside, its usually fine.
Ethan has his fifth tooth just starting to poke through the gums. You can't really see it yet, but man you can feel it. It has to hurt him. But he has been doing ok for the most part.
Getting closer to our vacation! Yay! And this weekend, Ryan's sister is planning to take Dylan for a night. That will be nice too! Saturday (I think...I don't have a calender by me) is our 6th anniversary too! It should be a nice weekend! Looking forward to this weekend will help me get through Ethan's grumps and Dylan's tantrums this week...I hope! Nothing else. Going to try to entertain Ethan.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Headache...yet again. Everyday this week. Nice. Yesterday was decent. Ryan took Dylan with him all day. Dylan loves doing that. I got a couple of things done around here. I could have done more, but Ethan wasn't having it. Since I wasn't paying full attention to him, he didn't want me to continue. We went to town to get a couple of things. I took a gamble and put him in the seat of the shopping cart. I dragged my shopping cart cover out and stuck it on and put him in and strapped him down. He enjoyed it. Kind of. Halfway through the store he got tired of sitting there. Guess I can't blame him. Carts aren't what I would call comfy. So anyway, he started fussing so I busted out of there before he had a total meltdown. Guess for a little while longer, he will have to sit in his carrier. So I wasn't able to get half of what I wanted.
Today Ryan took Dylan again. 2 days in a row, how did I get so lucky?! Too bad this headache is kicking my butt. I tried to nap while Ethan napped, but it didn't work. I could not fall asleep from the pain. I had more stuff that I needed to get done around here, but that's not going to happen. No big plans for the weekend. I would be very happy if my headache went away.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not a lot going on this week. Dylan had a good day at school yesterday. He stayed dry at least this time! I am sitting outside now on the porch watching Dylan play. Ethan is napping. Ethan is having another bad day today. Very cranky. Yesterday was a good day for him. Dylan is riding around on his power wheel four wheeler looking for flowers (weeds) in the yard. He carries a little sand bucket around with him and collects the flowers then brings them to me. This week the weather is finally cooling down. At least it wont be near 90 any this week.
We got some babysitters lined up for the boys in September, so Ryan and I are going to be able to take short vacation together. We are going to drive to Atlantic City, NJ and stay a few nights in one of the casinos out there. Of course plans could still change, but as of now, we are going and I am so excited. I can't wait to eat my dinner in peace! No screaming from one kid because I'm not feeding him fast enough, and no jibberish from the other (just because he can). Everyone needs a little time for themselves every now and then. I never take time for just me so I can't wait. A big thanks to the family for helping out. It means a lot.
So not much else.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We took Ethan to get his pictures taken yesterday. He didn't cooperate as long as I thought he would. He wanted to grab everything. They took a few pictures with one shirt on, and then I changed his shirt for another look. After only a couple of shots, he spit up on that shirt, so we had to go back to the other shirt. I thought for sure he would love it with someone talking to him. Not so much. We tried to get a shot with both boys too. I wasn't sure how that one would work out. It could have been better but we did get a picture. We sat Dylan down, then put Ethan in front of Dylan. When Ethan would lean back, so would Dylan. Then trying to get them both to look at the camera at the same time wasn't easy. Oh well, we did get some good shots, so that's all that matters.
I have just been having a rough time of things in the last few days. Ethan has been so fussy. It really takes its toll on me. I know he has a tooth coming through, and I give him ibuprofen for it, but it doesn't seem to help, or maybe it does help with the pain, and he is still in a bad mood...I really don't know. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but obviously I'm missing something. Fussy, is really putting it lightly most days. It's much more than that. It really wears me down. Maybe it shouldn't but, it does. I can't even leave the room or he starts screaming his head off. At times, all I have to do is turn my back and he is wailing. It's hard to listen to the crying ALL THE TIME. I have a hard time getting things done, because he won't stay happy long enough, or I can't leave the room to do what I need to do. Like I said, I must be missing something but I don't know what that could be. Its hard. I get myself so stressed out about the whole situation. Again, I know I shouldn't but I do, that's just the way it is.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ethan is 7 months old today. Hard to believe. He woke up on his birthday morning in a bad mood. He cried (for no known reason) the entire time I was making Dylan breakfast. Dylan did his best to talk to him and calm him down, but Ethan was not having it. Normally Ethan responds well to Dylan. Not today. So now he is down for a very early nap. Ethan is getting good at sitting by himself. He has been for a while now, but still launches himself backwards from time to time. I can now sit him on the floor with some toys and let him play. I always sit him in front of a chair so that when he does go backwards, the chair catches him. Doing that allows me to sit in front of him and play with him and talk to him. So last night I gave him his first bath in the kitchen sink. He seemed very interested in the water. Baths will be easier now that I don't have to use that baby bath tub. I just lay a towel in the sink to keep him from sliding around. There are some pictures of him in the sink and then a couple of him on the floor playing.

Dylan had a good day at school on Monday. While they were outside, he sat in some water. Soaked his shorts right through to the underwear. When I picked him up, I noticed he was in his backup clothes, and I thought for sure that he peed his pants. Luckily that was not the case. If there is water around, Dylan will find it and play with it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm not a morning person. Usually. Never really have been. I need time to get myself going. Mornings here are not my favorite time. When Ethan wakes up, its a race to get him changed and fed before he has a fit. Not a whining fit, but an all out screaming crying fit. I really don't want to listen to a screeching baby that early in the morning. So once he is fed, and partially happy, I can go and get Dylan up. That's always fun. He almost always poos overnight, so then I get to clean nasty poop off of his butt. I still don't know what to do about that part of it all.
Ethan has another tooth about to pop through. Its on the top, opposite of the third tooth. He hasn't been very pleasant in these last couple of days, so that must be why. It probably does hurt. He has been very difficult lately to get him to take a nap.
We went out to dinner last night. To my surprise both boys were pretty good! Dylan ate all his meal. That is usually a toss up to whether or not he will eat while we are out. He had a hamburger and cole slaw. Ethan was pretty good too. He was tired, because I couldn't get him to nap earlier that afternoon, and he didn't sleep in the car on the way down. But he let me eat this time.
I think we are finally getting somewhere with Ethan and his solid foods. Ryan finished feeding him one day while I finished my dinner, and figured out that Ethan likes big spoonfuls of food. I was always giving him little bites. He responds a lot better when the spoon is full. We still mainly eats in the evening with our dinner. I haven't had much success giving him breakfast or lunch. So we are getting there. Slowly.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No pictures. Ethan and I are feeling better. We get a little snotty in the mornings, but it never lasts. Ryan is out bush hogging, and Dylan is with him, so that is nice. Dylan is happy. We haven't been up to much. I need to go to town and get a few things from Walmart. I hate that store. But it is the only place to get the bigger overnight diapers for Dylan. But it is so stinkin hot that I really don't feel like loading and unloading both boys, and coming back out to a car that is 200 degrees. I will have to do it sooner or later, but its not happening today. Another day where it will feel well over 100 outside.
In a week, Ethan will be 7 months old. Unbelievable. His first year is flying by, and it is so sad. Yeah we have our issues, and he gets cranky and I get frustrated, but that doesn't mean I want my baby to change into a toddler yet. He is just so small and innocent, and I want him to stay that way a little longer. Its August already. Before I know it, January will be here. I can't even begin to imagine Ethan as a 1 year old. And I'm not sure, but he may be working on another tooth. These last couple of days have been noisy. He's been very cranky. I can't see anything poking through just yet.
A couple of weeks ago, Ryan mentioned taking a short vacation, just the 2 of us, if we could find sitters for the boys. It's a lot harder leaving 2 than it is to leave 1. And either boy can be difficult to deal with. We had hoped to go the last week of August. But now, we realize we can't do that. We are still holding out hope that we can go, the next few months. Once again, it will depend on the boys. But anyway, we looked into a few different places. I think want to try to drive to Atlantic City, NJ. We looked into flying out to Vegas for a few days, but holy cow, airfare right now is so much more than we want to pay for a short trip. So that's how we came to Atlantic City. Its about a 9-11 hour drive. I got different times from a couple of different sources, so at most I'd say 11 hours. It would be a totally different feel than Vegas, but we'd still get the big casinos with a lot of entertainment around to keep us busy. And its on the ocean. No idea what the Jersey shore is like. Good or bad, I'm curious. Going out there would mean, a day of driving out, and a day of driving home. So if we can't get away for enough time to make the drive worth it, then we are still hoping to take a couple of days and possibly go to an Indiana resort casino. We could use some time away together. I love my boys, and I'm not ready for Ethan to leave the baby stage, but time away with my husband would be nice.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It wasn't the best of weekends. I was sick. Not really sure whats going on. Ethan was sick as well. What I thought was allergies, turned out to be so much more. Thursday night I was up all night with Ethan. His congestion kept waking him up, and getting him upset. I think he woke at least every 30 minutes. He'd wake up crying, and I would go in there and rock him back to sleep and lay him down again. I did that all night. Poor thing. So Friday I was exhausted, but overall I didn't feel all that bad. Friday night it hit. I felt like a pile of poo. Ryan stayed downstairs to take care of Ethan when he woke up so that I could sleep. I didn't think that situation would work out well. Ethan doesn't do well with daddy. He likes to look at him and play with him, for short periods of time only. So I thought for sure that I would be back downstairs after only a few hours. But Ethan actually tolerated Ryan. I felt better on Saturday, and so did Ethan. I was still dealing with a headache though. And I am still dealing with a headache. Ethan and I are still kind of congested, and snotty, but getting better I think.
Dylan spent the weekend with my grandparents. We didn't have any plans for the weekend, so he was able to go. He always enjoys it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yuck. Allergies. Dylan's have been acting up since Monday afternoon. It was sneezing, now just drainage and a cough, due to the draining. The allergy medicine does help somewhat.

So today, I'm going around the house trying to get things straightened, and I turned on my tart warmer, and a new tart. Like shown in the picture if you've never heard of it. The tart is just wax that melts and gives off a scent.

Anyway, the scent I put in today has completely messed with Ethan's and my allergies. My throat hurts so bad from sneezing all day. Ethan's poor little nose is running and he keeps sneezing. Poor kid. I know how he feels I am going through it too. I have a tart warmer in the living room and one in the kitchen. I always turn them both on and put the same scent in each warmer so it fills the house. Normally its a good thing, and makes every room smell wonderful. This time not so much.
I hope everyone is better tomorrow. Dylan's usually does last a couple of days before his system is back to normal. It doesn't act like its a cold. When he talks, you can hear his congestion in his nose. Its nowhere else but right in his nose. Our weather has been so hot and stagnant this week up until last night. So I am hoping that since a cool front moved through, it will clear the air and he will be back to normal.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nice weekend. Saturday we went to a cook out for the fire department members. The usuals showed up. It was nice. Dylan got to play with other kids so he enjoyed it. It rained, so it stayed nice and cool, which was such a nice change. Sunday we didn't do much. Did a couple of things in the evening but that's about it. It was just a nice weekend. Nothing planned for the week. Ryan has a very busy week this week. Everyday is filled with things that has to be done.
Sometime this month, sooner rather than later, we need to take Ethan to get his 6 month pictures taken. I don't know when we will manage to do it, but I guess if it comes down to it, I will find someone to watch Dylan and take Ethan myself. So let's just hope we can do that this month. Thats all for now.
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