Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's been a long week. One of Ethan's top front teeth are coming in. Part of it has poked through the gum. I am guessing that is why he has been so unbearable this week. I'm not sure what Dylan's reason is though. Ryan has been working a lot. And I mean A LOT. Gone by 6 am on most days, and not home till after 7. Like I said, its been a long week. He's been working like that since last Wednesday or Thursday. I don't remember, but its been a while. I need a vacation. Ethan is getting closer to crawling. He can get up on his hands and knees whenever he wants, but he hasn't figured out that he can move from that position. I am really not ready for him to crawl though! He is so fast at rolling and army crawling, that I can't imagine how much he will get into when he can really move. I used to keep all of the boys' books on the bottom of the coffee table. I had to move them this week, because I got tired of constantly peeling Ethan away from them, and taking pieces of those books out of his hands, and of course his mouth. So I cleaned out a side table, and stuck the books in there. At least now they are a little more challenging to get to. Although, he can still get to them. He shows that everyday. He is in to everything! Already.
I want to get rid of that coffee table. At least for now. I may want it back at a later date, but it has really been annoying me lately. Ryan seems to disagree. I would like to put it in one of the rooms in the barn, but he says it will get ruined. I disagree. Oh well. We'll see what happens.
I cleaned out the drawers in Ethan's dresser. Most of his clothes in there were too small for him. He is tall for his age. All of his clothes up to the 9 month size are gone. He is wearing the 12 month sleepers. So I washed up all of Dylan's old 12 month clothes and put them out for Ethan to wear. Right now though, most of their clothes are not matching up as far as the seasons go. Ethan has enough, but some stuff of Dylan's we will probably never wear, just because it is the wrong season. No plans for the weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I took the boys for their check-ups yesterday. Both are fine. Dylan is 3ft, 3.5in tall and 34 pounds. He is in the 50th percentile for everything. He has been consistant like that. He got 2 vaccines, including the flu shot. He did good. He only cried for a minute. Ethan is 18 pounds and only in the 3oth percentile, and 29.5 inches, and in the 70th percentile. He has a large noggin too. Basically he is tall and skinny. Thats how he has been since he was born. He grew 2 inches since his last checkup 3 months ago! He got the flu shot too. Ethan got a little cranky in the office, but Dylan did great. He answered all of the doctor's questions. I was very proud of him.
After the doctor we ran a few errands and then I took Dylan to pick out a pumpkin for him and one for Ethan. We got a couple of small ones also. When we got home, I took a bunch of pictures of the boys and the pumpkins. Here are a few.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our weekend was ok. Nothing went as planned though. Ryan ended up working on Saturday. So Friday night when he got home, we asked Dylan what he wanted for dinner. We gave him a couple of choices, and we ended up with Pizza Hut pizza. Good choice Dylan! I was thrilled. So daddy and Dylan went to town to get pizza. I had made cupcakes and after dinner, we gave Dylan a cupcake with a candle in it.

So Saturday we didn't do anything. Sunday we went to that party I mentioned the other day. It turned out to be a really nice day. The weather was great. Dylan enjoyed playing with the kids. It was nice seeing everyone again. We didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked but Ethan started getting cranky because he was sleepy. So we packed up and left. But it was a nice day. We were all pretty tired when we got home. We finally gave Dylan his birthday gift too. He got a lot of nice things. He loves everything.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well I spoke up and did my best to handle things. I stand firm on my position. Honestly, where it goes from here will depend on others. I guess I just wait and see. I was floored by the conversation I had. A few things came out that I didn't expect. So even now, a couple of days later, I don't know what to think about it all.

Saturday is Dylan's birthday. I am making cupcakes today for tomorrow. We aren't doing anything big, but we want to acknowledge his birthday on the actual day. So I will do cupcakes, which he is excited about, we are going to take him to McDonalds. He doesn't eat there very often, so it really excites him when we do. Ryan is going to an opening of a new hog barn locally, and he is going to take Dylan. That will thrill the crap out of Dylan. So he should have a good day. We got him 2 gifts for his birthday. We will give him one tomorrow and keep the other until we get together with some family later. I think I am going to give him his wheelbarrow tomorrow, which means that I will have to put it together sometime today during his nap or after he goes to bed tonight.
I have been fighting with my sinuses these last couple of days. Headache that comes and goes and congestion in my nose that comes and goes. When the congestion goes away, it leaves me with a sore throat. Blah. The weather changed a bit in the last few days, so that's what I am blaming it on.
Sunday we are going to meet up with my mom's side of the family for a combo birthday party. My cousins little girl, and Dylan. Their birthdays are fairly close, so it will work out well.
The boys and I ran to town yesterday to get some things I needed and to get a gift for my cousin's little girl. We hit Kmart first. Ethan cried near the whole time. He was fine when we first got there, but it didn't last long. He cried and cried, for no apparent reason really. But I just went on with my shopping. I had to get it done, and he wasn't hurt or hungry, so I let him go. Once we got in the car he stopped. I still had a list of things to get, so we went on to Walmart. He did fine in Walmart. Guess he doesn't like Kmart for some reason! Dylan was excellent that morning. Most of the time I usually stick him in the seat of the cart, because I can go faster, and it easier. Well I stuck Ethan's seat up there instead so I can have the basket empty and made Dylan walk with me. I told him to hold on the side of the cart, and he did, and he was great. I had him put the stuff in the cart, so he enjoyed helping. I was very proud of him. He said shopping was fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I don't like confrontation. I keep things inside more often than not to avoid confrontation. Sometimes though, I can't keep it inside. Sometimes things bother me a little too much to just keep it inside. If I bring it up, then that means that it is important to me. There are a few things that will cause resentment if I just keep it inside. With those few things, if I don't address it, keeping it to myself will eventually make the entire situation worse in the long run. I understand that there are times when my actions and decisions affect many many others. I am aware of that and I am sorry for that. Like I said though, somethings can't be tossed aside. Everyone has their things that they choose to take a stand on. I have mine.
I can handle things calmly. I do get fired up, trust me, but I can also keep myself calm as long as the other person can do the same. I'm sure that I can handle what I need to in a calm manner. Sadly, I have gotten used to walking on eggshells for some people. I hate doing it, and I really don't think I should have to. Life is hard, sometimes life sucks, and people don't always get along. But to attempt civil living, I can walk on eggshells. One of these days I may get tired of it, and throw my hands in the air in frustration and stop. But for now, I will keep going.
There has been many times through the years when I have wanted to turn away and never look back, in hopes of stopping all of the stress, putting an end to the tears, and sadness. If I were strong enough for that, I could have avoided so much pain. But I can't seem to do that. Guess I am not that strong of a person. At the same time, I can't just let some things go. Sorry.
I am thankful to be married to someone who stands beside me, and supports me when I need it the most. I am thankful that I am married to someone who I can talk to about anything, who I love spending time with, and hate being away from. We can laugh together and hurt together. We can also stand up to one another if we need to knowing that we are safe to disagree, and still love each other the same. I have a whole hearted marriage. Not all marriages are so good, therefore, I am thankful.
I am attempting to address what is bothering me. However it turns out, is on the other person. Not me. None of this should come as a suprise. Its a known issue. Im not blind siding anyone.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The weather around here lately has been wonderful. We could use a lot of rain though. Its warm out, not humid, nice and breezy. I love days that this. Boys are well. Dylan had a good day at school on Monday. The local fire department brought their truck down to them, so Dylan was excited about that. Since it was a nice evening last night, I took Dylan for a ride on the four wheeler back through the fields. He loves that stuff.
Nothing really exciting to report. This weekend Dylan turns 4. Time flies. I'm not sure what we are going to do that day. Sunday we are going to my Aunts and have a get together for both Dylan's birthday and my cousin's daughter. Getting 2 birds with one stone! The weather is supposed to be nice. Other than that we don't have much going on.
I haven't really felt like posting much lately. Sorry about that.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Boring weekend. Saturday was rough. I was exhausted, and then I had a headache from hell. And then that afternoon Ethan decided he wasn't going to nap. Blah. So yeah. Crappy day. Sunday was better. Ran to the store with Dylan. I had to go to Walmart. I do not enjoy going there at all. Of course everybody and their brother was there, so we had to park out in BFE. Once we got into the store, I swear that every isle that I needed to go into, there were either 4-5 people with carts in the isle, or one inconsiderate moron in the middle of the isle. So of course I didn't get everything I wanted to get. After, Dylan and I went to pick up dinner for all of us. At least I didn't have to make dinner that evening!
Dylan had a nice day at school. No problems at all. When I picked him up and got him in the car, he told me that someone peed on the floor. I wondered why one teacher was trying to get the kids outside in a hurry. Guess that's why, haha! At least it wasn't Dylan who peed on the floor! Afterwards, I had an issue with the pharmacy down there. People tick me off. Someone didn't do their job right, and then someone else didn't do their job quickly enough. They told me to come back in 20 minutes, so I did. At that point it still wasn't ready, and they told me to give them another 10 minutes or so. I said fine, and just came home. Dylan was whining because he was hungry and Ethan was fussing, because he was getting hungry as well. So now I have to go back down there sometime this week. I am still really ticked about the whole situation.
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