Friday, October 15, 2010

Well I spoke up and did my best to handle things. I stand firm on my position. Honestly, where it goes from here will depend on others. I guess I just wait and see. I was floored by the conversation I had. A few things came out that I didn't expect. So even now, a couple of days later, I don't know what to think about it all.

Saturday is Dylan's birthday. I am making cupcakes today for tomorrow. We aren't doing anything big, but we want to acknowledge his birthday on the actual day. So I will do cupcakes, which he is excited about, we are going to take him to McDonalds. He doesn't eat there very often, so it really excites him when we do. Ryan is going to an opening of a new hog barn locally, and he is going to take Dylan. That will thrill the crap out of Dylan. So he should have a good day. We got him 2 gifts for his birthday. We will give him one tomorrow and keep the other until we get together with some family later. I think I am going to give him his wheelbarrow tomorrow, which means that I will have to put it together sometime today during his nap or after he goes to bed tonight.
I have been fighting with my sinuses these last couple of days. Headache that comes and goes and congestion in my nose that comes and goes. When the congestion goes away, it leaves me with a sore throat. Blah. The weather changed a bit in the last few days, so that's what I am blaming it on.
Sunday we are going to meet up with my mom's side of the family for a combo birthday party. My cousins little girl, and Dylan. Their birthdays are fairly close, so it will work out well.
The boys and I ran to town yesterday to get some things I needed and to get a gift for my cousin's little girl. We hit Kmart first. Ethan cried near the whole time. He was fine when we first got there, but it didn't last long. He cried and cried, for no apparent reason really. But I just went on with my shopping. I had to get it done, and he wasn't hurt or hungry, so I let him go. Once we got in the car he stopped. I still had a list of things to get, so we went on to Walmart. He did fine in Walmart. Guess he doesn't like Kmart for some reason! Dylan was excellent that morning. Most of the time I usually stick him in the seat of the cart, because I can go faster, and it easier. Well I stuck Ethan's seat up there instead so I can have the basket empty and made Dylan walk with me. I told him to hold on the side of the cart, and he did, and he was great. I had him put the stuff in the cart, so he enjoyed helping. I was very proud of him. He said shopping was fun.


  1. Aww. Happy birthday to your little man! So sweet when they like helping!


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