Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I took the boys for their check-ups yesterday. Both are fine. Dylan is 3ft, 3.5in tall and 34 pounds. He is in the 50th percentile for everything. He has been consistant like that. He got 2 vaccines, including the flu shot. He did good. He only cried for a minute. Ethan is 18 pounds and only in the 3oth percentile, and 29.5 inches, and in the 70th percentile. He has a large noggin too. Basically he is tall and skinny. Thats how he has been since he was born. He grew 2 inches since his last checkup 3 months ago! He got the flu shot too. Ethan got a little cranky in the office, but Dylan did great. He answered all of the doctor's questions. I was very proud of him.
After the doctor we ran a few errands and then I took Dylan to pick out a pumpkin for him and one for Ethan. We got a couple of small ones also. When we got home, I took a bunch of pictures of the boys and the pumpkins. Here are a few.

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