Monday, October 4, 2010

Boring weekend. Saturday was rough. I was exhausted, and then I had a headache from hell. And then that afternoon Ethan decided he wasn't going to nap. Blah. So yeah. Crappy day. Sunday was better. Ran to the store with Dylan. I had to go to Walmart. I do not enjoy going there at all. Of course everybody and their brother was there, so we had to park out in BFE. Once we got into the store, I swear that every isle that I needed to go into, there were either 4-5 people with carts in the isle, or one inconsiderate moron in the middle of the isle. So of course I didn't get everything I wanted to get. After, Dylan and I went to pick up dinner for all of us. At least I didn't have to make dinner that evening!
Dylan had a nice day at school. No problems at all. When I picked him up and got him in the car, he told me that someone peed on the floor. I wondered why one teacher was trying to get the kids outside in a hurry. Guess that's why, haha! At least it wasn't Dylan who peed on the floor! Afterwards, I had an issue with the pharmacy down there. People tick me off. Someone didn't do their job right, and then someone else didn't do their job quickly enough. They told me to come back in 20 minutes, so I did. At that point it still wasn't ready, and they told me to give them another 10 minutes or so. I said fine, and just came home. Dylan was whining because he was hungry and Ethan was fussing, because he was getting hungry as well. So now I have to go back down there sometime this week. I am still really ticked about the whole situation.

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  1. Sounds like a regular weekend here!
    I hate walmart too!


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