Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yuck. Allergies. Dylan's have been acting up since Monday afternoon. It was sneezing, now just drainage and a cough, due to the draining. The allergy medicine does help somewhat.

So today, I'm going around the house trying to get things straightened, and I turned on my tart warmer, and a new tart. Like shown in the picture if you've never heard of it. The tart is just wax that melts and gives off a scent.

Anyway, the scent I put in today has completely messed with Ethan's and my allergies. My throat hurts so bad from sneezing all day. Ethan's poor little nose is running and he keeps sneezing. Poor kid. I know how he feels I am going through it too. I have a tart warmer in the living room and one in the kitchen. I always turn them both on and put the same scent in each warmer so it fills the house. Normally its a good thing, and makes every room smell wonderful. This time not so much.
I hope everyone is better tomorrow. Dylan's usually does last a couple of days before his system is back to normal. It doesn't act like its a cold. When he talks, you can hear his congestion in his nose. Its nowhere else but right in his nose. Our weather has been so hot and stagnant this week up until last night. So I am hoping that since a cool front moved through, it will clear the air and he will be back to normal.

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