Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No pictures. Ethan and I are feeling better. We get a little snotty in the mornings, but it never lasts. Ryan is out bush hogging, and Dylan is with him, so that is nice. Dylan is happy. We haven't been up to much. I need to go to town and get a few things from Walmart. I hate that store. But it is the only place to get the bigger overnight diapers for Dylan. But it is so stinkin hot that I really don't feel like loading and unloading both boys, and coming back out to a car that is 200 degrees. I will have to do it sooner or later, but its not happening today. Another day where it will feel well over 100 outside.
In a week, Ethan will be 7 months old. Unbelievable. His first year is flying by, and it is so sad. Yeah we have our issues, and he gets cranky and I get frustrated, but that doesn't mean I want my baby to change into a toddler yet. He is just so small and innocent, and I want him to stay that way a little longer. Its August already. Before I know it, January will be here. I can't even begin to imagine Ethan as a 1 year old. And I'm not sure, but he may be working on another tooth. These last couple of days have been noisy. He's been very cranky. I can't see anything poking through just yet.
A couple of weeks ago, Ryan mentioned taking a short vacation, just the 2 of us, if we could find sitters for the boys. It's a lot harder leaving 2 than it is to leave 1. And either boy can be difficult to deal with. We had hoped to go the last week of August. But now, we realize we can't do that. We are still holding out hope that we can go, the next few months. Once again, it will depend on the boys. But anyway, we looked into a few different places. I think want to try to drive to Atlantic City, NJ. We looked into flying out to Vegas for a few days, but holy cow, airfare right now is so much more than we want to pay for a short trip. So that's how we came to Atlantic City. Its about a 9-11 hour drive. I got different times from a couple of different sources, so at most I'd say 11 hours. It would be a totally different feel than Vegas, but we'd still get the big casinos with a lot of entertainment around to keep us busy. And its on the ocean. No idea what the Jersey shore is like. Good or bad, I'm curious. Going out there would mean, a day of driving out, and a day of driving home. So if we can't get away for enough time to make the drive worth it, then we are still hoping to take a couple of days and possibly go to an Indiana resort casino. We could use some time away together. I love my boys, and I'm not ready for Ethan to leave the baby stage, but time away with my husband would be nice.

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