Monday, August 9, 2010

It wasn't the best of weekends. I was sick. Not really sure whats going on. Ethan was sick as well. What I thought was allergies, turned out to be so much more. Thursday night I was up all night with Ethan. His congestion kept waking him up, and getting him upset. I think he woke at least every 30 minutes. He'd wake up crying, and I would go in there and rock him back to sleep and lay him down again. I did that all night. Poor thing. So Friday I was exhausted, but overall I didn't feel all that bad. Friday night it hit. I felt like a pile of poo. Ryan stayed downstairs to take care of Ethan when he woke up so that I could sleep. I didn't think that situation would work out well. Ethan doesn't do well with daddy. He likes to look at him and play with him, for short periods of time only. So I thought for sure that I would be back downstairs after only a few hours. But Ethan actually tolerated Ryan. I felt better on Saturday, and so did Ethan. I was still dealing with a headache though. And I am still dealing with a headache. Ethan and I are still kind of congested, and snotty, but getting better I think.
Dylan spent the weekend with my grandparents. We didn't have any plans for the weekend, so he was able to go. He always enjoys it.

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