Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm not a morning person. Usually. Never really have been. I need time to get myself going. Mornings here are not my favorite time. When Ethan wakes up, its a race to get him changed and fed before he has a fit. Not a whining fit, but an all out screaming crying fit. I really don't want to listen to a screeching baby that early in the morning. So once he is fed, and partially happy, I can go and get Dylan up. That's always fun. He almost always poos overnight, so then I get to clean nasty poop off of his butt. I still don't know what to do about that part of it all.
Ethan has another tooth about to pop through. Its on the top, opposite of the third tooth. He hasn't been very pleasant in these last couple of days, so that must be why. It probably does hurt. He has been very difficult lately to get him to take a nap.
We went out to dinner last night. To my surprise both boys were pretty good! Dylan ate all his meal. That is usually a toss up to whether or not he will eat while we are out. He had a hamburger and cole slaw. Ethan was pretty good too. He was tired, because I couldn't get him to nap earlier that afternoon, and he didn't sleep in the car on the way down. But he let me eat this time.
I think we are finally getting somewhere with Ethan and his solid foods. Ryan finished feeding him one day while I finished my dinner, and figured out that Ethan likes big spoonfuls of food. I was always giving him little bites. He responds a lot better when the spoon is full. We still mainly eats in the evening with our dinner. I haven't had much success giving him breakfast or lunch. So we are getting there. Slowly.

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