Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tornado Alley

I mentioned a week or 2 ago that I finally went to the doc and was told I have psoriasis. Remember? Well the medicine that he gave me is drastically improving the condition. At least it doesn't hurt anymore. I feel the difference, and am so thankful for the improvement. Its not cleared up by any means, but it is manageable now. I can deal with it. I am supposed to use the meds for 2 weeks, then take a week break, and then start it up again and continue with that cycle. I am almost to my off time. I'm curious to see what is going to happen during this week. I hope it doesn't flare up like crazy.
We are supposed to have another nice day today. It rained a decent amount yesterday evening, so again, there is water laying. I wonder if we are ever going to dry out. We are supposed to get more rain tomorrow too. Tomorrow is also supposed to be our last 70 degree day for a while. I guess its time to get to more "seasonable" temperatures. I'm ready for the permanent warm up. Like late spring temps rather than this "its spring today, but winter is back tomorrow" stuff.
Have you ever seen a show on the Discovery Channel called "Storm Chasers"? Well remember they followed a team trying to make an Imax film? The film is out now! You can go and see it. I don't know how wide the release it and don't know its full schedule, but it is playing now at the Omnimax Theater in Cincinnati! I am so excited and want to go see it so bad! I hope that Ryan and I can have an opportunity to go down there and see it one day. The drive down there is just as long as the film itself. I think the film only lasts 45 minutes or so. But I am a weather fanatic, so this is pretty cool. Here is the link to the website about the movie : http://www.tornadoalleymovie.com/. And from that site, here is a link to the trailer. It is less than 2 minutes long. http://www.tornadoalleymovie.com/index.php/media/trailer/. Ryan of course is less than thrilled. I am more than thrilled! Yesterday was our first thunderstorm of the Spring season. It wasn't much. Just thunder and lightning and the sun came out immediately after. I like thunderstorms as long as they happen during the day, aren't capable of dropping a tornado on my house, and don't knock out my power for days. I like hearing the rain pound on the windows and roof, and hearing the rumbling thunder after the whole sky lights up with lightning.
Last nights dinner was a Turkey and Sage meatloaf, with creamy red potatoes and mushrooms (for Ryan). I hate mushrooms. Ick. Anyway. I just roasted the mushrooms in the oven while the meatloaf was cooking. The potatoes were from the cookbook "Fix it and Forget it." I don't think I will make them again. They were just ok. I much prefer the potatoes many other ways. The meatloaf is from a Rachael Ray recipe. You are supposed to serve it with an Asiago Cheese gravy. I didn't feel like going all out with the gravy, so I just skipped it this time and used a jar of turkey gravy. You do need something with it, because by nature it is dry. And honestly, the Asiago gravy is the way to go. I did miss it. If anyone wants the recipe, drop me an email, or a comment and I will send it to you.

Dylan is starting to get picky. Here and there I notice little thing that he says he doesn't like. Onions. He used to eat them, and not have a problem. Well if they are on pizza, he says he doesn't like them and will pick them off. And the meatloaf had shallots in them. He saw the bits and said "there's onion in here and I don't like onion." I told him they weren't onion and that it was shallots. He said "well I don't like shallots either." He will however eat the tiny little onions that are on a McDonald's hamburger. He makes no mention of onions then. Kids. Also, the last few times he has had coleslaw or salad he says he doesn't like the purple cabbage. He doesn't know what it is called, but he will pick out the purple slivers. He says they burn his mouth. I don't understand that statement, but that's how he describes it. Again, he used to eat it with no problem. And he still loves coleslaw, just without purple. So its not that he doesn't like cabbage. I think its just him being picky. I'm hoping it's just a phase and he will forget about it soon.

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