Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yesterday I got the craving for some rolls. It had been a while since I've made any. So I came across this recipe from Tasty Kitchen site called Heavenly Yeast Rolls.
I used my bread machine to make up the dough for me. Its just so much easier. I love that little machine. They were so easy.
Before rising:

After final rise:

All done!

They baked up so golden brown, and were so soft inside. I have had a "go to" roll recipe for a couple of years that I make every time we have a family dinner, or whenever we want rolls. Thanks to this new recipe that old one has been retired. These things are just so good!
Last night's dinner was Cajun Pork Chops from Ryan said they were too spicy. I loved them. There is quite a bit of cayenne pepper in them. Too much for the kids, but I thought it was just right. So I guess if I make these again, I will have to tone down the cayenne some for Ryan. He can be a bit whinny! Haha!

We are supposed to go out to dinner tonight with friends of ours. Should be a nice night. I just hope Ethan naps well today. I swear that kid knows when we have plans, and every time we have plans, he messes with his routine in some way or another. Maybe he finds humor in messing with mommy.


  1. Ooh, Cajun Pork chops sound right up my alley! Yummy! We love homemade dinner rolls too.

  2. Dinner rolls are so awesome. I made my first batch yesterday and the came out just amazingly good. Couldn't stop eating them.


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