Monday, March 7, 2011

First, Ethan did take a nap yesterday. He slept for about an hour or just a little more. It took him what seemed forever to fall asleep. You really have no idea how thankful I was for that. When he got up, we all went to town and then went out to eat. He was good, and I was proud of him. He of course ate very well. But there was minimal fussing.
My brother called us yesterday before he left the country. He is going to one place before he reaches Afghanistan. Once he is there, he will be at one base for a week before moving on to his final destination for the next year. He wanted to talk to Dylan, but Dylan didn't have much to say. He got a hi out of him and that's about it. Dylan is very touch and go when it comes to talking on the phone.
Switching gears a bit here. But I think about something off and on. Just at random times, and not for any specific reason. My grandma Goldie. She was a big part of my life growing up. She has been gone for a while now, but after all those years I still find myself thinking about her, and wishing she could be here for this or that, see the boys, whatever. I don't know if she knew how much she did for us as a family. She was really the glue that held us all together. Because of her, my brother and I grew up close to our aunts and cousins. Sunday dinners at her house. Growing up, that's just how it was. No matter what, every Sunday, most, if not all of us would be there at her place. It meant a lot to her, and really it meant a lot to me. I may not have been there every Sunday, and that I do regret. I am so thankful to her for holding us together. There are a lot of memories from my childhood that resulted from our close family. I don't get to see the family as much as I'd like. I like the way it used to be. The way it was, the way SHE made us. Now, life gets in the way. We live further from each other. We all lead busier lives. And honestly, without her, what I just said could've been true for the past. But we made time for her. I still remember so many small details about her and her house. The smell, the sounds of the floor that would creek under your feet. Her teacups. She liked to drink tea. She liked to play 500 rummy. When we would go to Myrtle Beach, she loved just sitting in the rocking chair on the porch and watching the world go by. There are somethings I remember about the day she passed. There are also pieces of that day that are missing. I remember the phone call from my aunt who found her. I remember rushing over there. I remember seeing her. I don't know where I was or what I was doing before that phone call. I don't remember where I went after I left her house that day either. I will never forget being there though. I miss her. I wish she could see her grandchildren now. All of them. I am thankful for her. She was a big part of our lives.
I was blessed with good Grandparents. So are the boys. We have good families.

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