Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend? What Weekend?

Well this weekend went too fast really. My life doesn't change much just because its a weekend, but usually Ryan is home on most weekends. I look forward to having back up a couple of days each week. So yeah, this weekend flew by. I was gone for a while on Saturday, Ryan and Dylan had a birthday party to go to in the evening. Today, Ryan worked.
The whole "Supermoon" thing wasn't all that super. For us at least. There was overcast, so it was fuzzy looking. I didn't stay up very late either to see if it cleared out. It was pretty once it came up over the horizon. It glowed a lovely orange-ish red. Our first day of spring was fairly warm. Breezy, cloudy and off and on rainy. Kind of typical spring if you think about it. At least in Ohio! I am looking forward to 70 degree days filled with sunshine. It will happen. I just need to be patient. A few weeks ago I noticed at dusk and on into dark, that the Spring Peepers were already out. I don't know if there are any around you, but you would know it if there were. They are loud. But there is something that I really love about hearing them. It almost is a peaceful sound. To me anyway. I could sit outside by a campfire and listen to those things all evening. I guess it just means better, warmer weather is on its way. If you would like to see a Spring Peeper or hear one, please click HERE. I tried to find something I could download, but I couldn't so you will have to click. There is a small map, and right below that small map is a button you can click to hear them. I have never actually seen one. If you walk close to them, they stop their noises, so I would never be able to find one. They only come out at dusk and beyond.
There is so much stuff I want to get done around here. It just keeps getting more and more difficult to get it done. Seems like someone is always whining, crying, hungry, mad, screaming, or bickering. Honestly. One room a day is a near impossible task at times. And I think I'm getting into a dinner rut again. I'm losing motivation or my inspiration to cook new things. We are getting into the same ol same ol again. I need to snap out of it fast.
Well kiddos are in bed finally. Time to relax a bit and wind down. I am adding a picture of a place I can't wait to get back to in August. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


  1. Our super moon was just a large-ish looking normal colored moon. I was very disappointed.

  2. sigh. myrtle beach, how i long for it. we are thinking about taking a trip there in august also. I'm a little hesitant making the drive with little mister, he'll be 13 months then. But we shall see. Thanks for the picture =)

  3. I think Id be nervous too if one of the boys were that young, Britney! I know plenty of kids that make it just fine though. Maybe if you go, think about stopping overnight halfway.


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