Thursday, March 10, 2011

We messed with Ethan's nap a bit today with good results. He went down earlier for his first nap, and I limited that nap to an hour still. He was ready for the afternoon nap that's for sure. He was asleep within 5 minutes or so of being in his crib. He ended up sleeping for about 2 and a half hours. So that was nice. I can't say that he will be ready for that first nap early everyday, because it totally depends on what time he wakes up each morning. It tends to vary a little. And I am certainly not waking him up. I wish he were ready to give up that morning nap all together. I'd be perfectly fine with him just taking an afternoon nap. We'll see what happens each day.
Last night I made Curry Chicken for the first time. Sorry no pictures. It was good. I was pleased with it. I am hoping to find other recipes to use curry powder in because I do like the flavor of the stuff. Dylan didn't care for it all that much but the rest of us liked it. Its fun to try new flavors.
Today I went to the doctor to try to get to the bottom of why my scalp is so dry. Its been getting worse over these last 2 years. Turns out it is psoriasis. Great. Anyway doc gave me some cream to try. I hope I can get it cleared up and at least manage it. I've never been one to have health issues. Despite a rare cold here and there, I am normally fairly healthy. I hate the thought of having to deal with something long term. I know its not that serious compared to what many others go through, but still. At least I know what it is and now we can treat it.
This has been one of those random posts, but that's ok. It happens from time to time. I feel myself getting into a blogging slump. I am hoping to overcome that and keep up with things. I wish I were more creative!

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