Friday, March 25, 2011


Its been a day. Or maybe I should say its been a week. The boys have just been driving me insane. They are both into everything, they have frequent grumpy spells, and are driving me insane! (Did I already say that?)
We went out to dinner last night. It was nice to get a break from cooking and doing a mound of dishes afterwards. The boys were shockingly well behaved. I think they were both happy to be out of the house. I know I was. Ethan and I shared a dinner of prime rib and veggies. Dylan had his own, he was given a choice and chose a hot dog of all things. Silly boy. I know we are supposed to be in a recession, so I was surprised when the restaurant ended up being packed. We got in right away and were seated. By the time we placed our order, the lobby was filled with people waiting on a table. It looked like a Saturday night in there. When we got home, Ethan was ready for bed.
Well I had all sorts of motivation for a blog post but that's gone now. I'm tired. But I do want to share a couple of pictures from today.
Busted: Ethan attempting to use the computer. He is obsessed with the machine.

Busted: The cat. He is looking for food that Ethan may have dropped during lunch. I don't know if he found anything or not.


  1. In a recession you know what people cut down on? Necessities. We use cheaper soap, toilet paper, diapers, so we can still afford to go out, buy that lipstick we want, or go see that movie. It's a proven fact that we NEED to spend money on fun non necessities or we as a society become too depressed and hopeless. Makes sense to me on some parts but it's still shocking. I haven't been to a movie in probably 6 months because it's $20 just on tickets! We rent movies a lot more now, and now we have netflix.

  2. I don't think we have been to a movie in years...many many years. Too crowded and I always fall asleep, lol. Netflix rocks.

  3. Wow- I can get the same two shots here in my house- but the first photo would be a girl instead of a boy and the one stealing food from the high chair would be my dog instead of the cat. Cute pictures!


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