Thursday, March 17, 2011

More edits

I wanted to share a few more edits that I have done recently. I get into a phase of wanting to do them, and enjoying them. Then eventually I get frustrated trying to get a certain look to them, and can't get it right. I ran into that with one of the photos I did this morning. I don't know what type of look I was wanting, but knew that I was just not getting it. But I am pretty pleased with what I have here. Again, I hope the colors aren't too off on your computer! I hope you can see what I see!

This one is from the Valley of Fire State Park outside of Las Vegas Nevada. We drove up there on our vacation out there a few years ago. They only thing I did with this one was to bring out the colors. The original picture didn't do the rocks or sky any justice. Those rocks were so red, and beautiful.

We went to a small zoo on a vacation to Myrtle Beach. They had peacocks walking around freely. This guy wanted to show off. Again, I just brought out the colors.

I enjoyed messing with this one. Taken on last year's Atlantic City vacation. I like the way this turned out.

Two of the boys from last year. Did a slight color treatment to it and the next one.

This is one I had getting right. It's not the look I was going for but it's ok.
One of my Aunts with Ethan last October. I love the sun in this photo. I just brought out the colors a bit more.
I hope that once this weather warms up more I can get out and take more photos like I would like to. I need a lot of practice. I see things all the time that I would love to photograph. The weather has just been so gloomy, gray and cold.
Dinners both last night and tonight are nothing special I'm not wasting time photographing and posting them.
Oh, and remember a while back when I said I was wanting to take pictures of the boys? Like good decent pictures to pass out to the fam? Well I am still working on that. I took a few of Ethan this morning. I'm not all that happy with them though. His hair was all over the place and would not stay put, haha! So we'll see. I still need to get more of Dylan.


  1. Those are just lovely! You did a great job!

  2. These look so great! You are very talented, I would have no idea where to even start with photo editing!

  3. Thanks Heather. I have a lot to learn trust me. Im just scraping the surface of my software.


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