Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Boys

Ethan wears some hand-me-downs from Dylan. Not all of their sizes and seasons are matching up though. Sometimes they do. Sometimes I actually think to take a picture of Ethan wearing a shirt that I know I have a picture of Dylan wearing. So here is one. The first picture is Dylan. This was Christmas time 2007. Dylan was 14 months old.

Here is Ethan yesterday. Again, 14 months old. Almost. Do you know how hard I tried to get a picture of that kid without something in his mouth? So this is what I got.

I made a better bolognese this time. The recipe came from Joy the Baker. It had a great flavor. Before I started making these, I thought that bolognese was a labor intensive dish. It is so much easier than I ever imagined it. A food processor or blender can chop everything for you and then you just dump it in a pan little by little and let it cook. I thought the house smelled so good while this was simmering. I let it simmer for a few hours before we actually ate it. Then served it over whole wheat pasta.

1 comment:

  1. Aw what cute kiddos!! I saved ALL of Jensen's clothes and I am praying our next is a boy so we can just re-use everything lol!


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