Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dinner and a Storm or 2

I finally gave Polenta a shot last night. I'm still undecided on it. Anyway, you boil it up and cook it. Then I went from there and made Polenta Cakes. So you needed to pour it into a casserole dish and let it set up and chill for a couple of hours. After that, you use a circle cookie cutter to cut it out and saute it. I think it would be good if I could season it better. So I will be on the lookout for other recipes.
Here is the polenta after it was chilled:

Then after being sauteed. It tried to fall apart on me!

Ryan made brownies last night too. But he made me do the icing for it. The brownies were good, but a bit 'cakey' for what we like. Definitely needed the icing. I didn't have enough powdered sugar for a butter cream icing, so I made a fudge icing. Turned out really nice.
Yesterday we also had a couple of storms roll through. Thankfully it wasn't anything major. But I got some wonderful pictures of the clouds. Really the pictures don't do the sky any justice. It was amazing.
Looking west as it moves in.
Can you see the swirl in the clouds? Luckily, it was moving up and not down.
Looking north, which is where the worst of the storm was.

Looking east.

Watching it leave
It was different that's for sure. Off to the south, the sun kept coming out, so the clouds would change color. At one point the sky was a very odd green.

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