Monday, March 21, 2011

Photos...just one this time.

Another post. Sorry. I got bored and played around with that picture of Ethan that I showed you in today's previous post. Yes, that's right. I already posted today. So make sure you scroll down and read anything that you haven't seen yet. Please? Thanks!

Here is the original, right out of the camera

Here is the one I posted before. Its a softer, and a bit washed out edit. I do like it, but wanted more.

This is the one I like the best. Its vibrant and colorful.

That's all!


  1. I think It would be beautiful B&W! Have you tried!?

  2. I think it would look gorgeous in B&W to, with some saturation, to help it stand out. I prefer the last one myself, because it looks like the saturation is up a bit, which always makes the colors POP more.

    Too much brightness w/o saturation, or an original sometimes, can look dull or washed out, (sometimes y the sun or the flash, or simply room lighting), though I will say, that handsome little man looks gorgeous in all 3, and would look that way in any light, I'm just saying what makes him stand out the most:)

    Nice to meet you. I'm over from Bloggy Moms!

    xoxo Shelly

  3. Thanks Ladies, no I havent tried that in black and white yet. But I will now! Thanks for the suggestions. I love comments like this!


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