Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last night Ryan made dinner so that I didn't have to. I had sent him a text late afternoon saying something about having no motivation to cook dinner. Really it was a hint to get pizza. But he didn't pick up on that. So he made what I was planning on making. Just hamburgers. So at least I didn't have to do that last night. I'm still unsure what we are having tonight. Guess I need to make up my mind.
While I am in the kitchen making lunch, or dinner, the boys are usually in and out, wondering around. Most of the time Ethan is parked on the floor tearing apart my Tupperware cabinet. Not too long ago, it was all organized and nice. I could actually pull something out of it without creating an avalanche of plastic. Not so much anymore. Everyday he would pull some out. Then I would have to wash it before I put it back in the cabinet, because in true Ethan fashion, he would chew on it. I was getting very frustrated with it. Tripping over it, stepping on it, washing it, then putting it away for the millionth time. So while he was working his magic the other day I was putting my Tupperware into tote bags as he was pulling it out of the cabinet. So now my Tupperware cabinet has become this:

2 tote bags located on the dining room table. I saved a few pieces that I use regularly and let them take up permanent residence on my counter. So the Tupperware cabinet is nearly empty and Ethan can now crawl into the cabinet. At least I'm not stepping on it anymore.
I was working on some photos that Ive taken recently, and came across another one from when we went to Vegas. So I stopped what I was doing with the other photos and worked on making this one better. It is a picture of Lake Mead. It was kind of dull straight out of the camera. So I did my best to bring out the colors of the rocks with out overexposing the sky above them. I remember taking this picture. We were far from the shore you see in the photo. I had to zoom in quite a bit. Isn't that sky lovely? We had such nice weather that whole week. Anyway, I also added a texture to the photo. If I was going to get it printed, I would print it without the texture, but I like it on the screen this way.


  1. ooo so pretty! And you could always just get child locks for the cabinets! :)

  2. Yeah, Ive looked into it, but the only locks that work with our bottom cabinets would involve using a drill, screws and screwdriver. Thats a bit much for me, lol. I know I could move them up top, but then Id have to move something down, and that wouldnt work either, lol!

  3. I have the same problem with the tupperware! My pots & pans are in the same cupboard next to the stove and at 2, he still enjoys taking them out & putting trucks/cars in the cabinet. The only thing that annoys me about it is not being able to find the lids I want HA!
    we rent, so they advise us not to use locks on the cupboards. sad.

  4. I really like that last photo! It looks great with the texture!


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