Monday, March 28, 2011

Very random thoughts

Crap! I just found out that Sean Casey, the guy who did the Tornado Alley film I told you about, was in Cincy today! He and his TIV (if you watch Storm Chasers you know what that is) are there until 5:30. Too bad I don't have the chance to go all the way down there. That would have been cool to meet him and get pictures of the TIV. I'm a dork, yes.

Last night I made the Cajun Pork Chops again. Only this time, left out the cayenne pepper. I totally missed it! Do not leave out the cayenne pepper. It's a must. Tonight I think will be beef burritos with refried beans and chips and salsa. That's the plan anyway.

We have a few things to do this afternoon, so I just thought I would post quickly. The boys are doing well. Sleeping well, eating well. Dylan has kind of been a little turd lately, but its just a stupid phase he is going through. I'm hoping it will be over soon. Ethan is a great example of "monkey see, monkey do." So when Dylan does something, Ethan is sure to follow. I have had my hands full this last week or so.

Sunday evening I sat down and went back through some of our older photos. I came across one of my brother at bootcamp. My mom and I made the drive all the way out to Oklahoma to be at his Bootcamp Graduation. We showed us around to the dorms after the ceremony. Anyway, I took this photo while he was getting into some of his stuff. Straight out of the camera, it was just a bad picture, but I started messing with it to see what I could do. There was actually a treatment called WWII on my computer. So I applied that to it, cropped it, and added some film grain.

Then I softened everything but the head and shoulders, and added more film grain and lightened it.

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