Friday, March 11, 2011

I use a few websites to print out different coloring pages, activities and of course the traceable letters I mentioned before. Its all free which is wonderful. So the other day I printed out a paper with a plate on it and told Dylan to make a picture of what he wanted to eat for dinner. The paper says "thanksgiving" on it, but he didn't know that. Anyway, this is what he came up with. There is a bit of green on it. He says that is broccoli. Then mixed in all of those colors is also bananas, and steak. What a combo, huh? He's funny.
We started using Skype a while back to talk to my grandparents, and we have used it so mom can see the boys. By now though, Dylan is a Skype freak. He knows way to much about it! He barely talks when we use it, but he knows what each sound means, I swear he knows how to call someone on it, and he knows how to end a call. If the internet is running slow, and Skype runs slow, he flips out. He demands for it to be fixed right away. Usually that demand goes to daddy. But I have also been using it to talk to my brother since he's been gone. He got to see both boys yesterday morning and we got to see him. He is halfway across the world right now. It was nice to see and hear him, but on his end, he was having trouble with the connection. I think it was frustrating him a bit. There were times when he was only getting bits and pieces of what he was saying. Anyway, the whole Skype thing is pretty cool. Its great to easily see and stay in touch with family. Now if only Dylan would open up a bit!
No plans for the weekend as of now. We need to run a few errands, but other than that, nothing.

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