Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last night I made steaks again. This time though with a yummy Chimichurri Sauce. From what I can tell there are a few variations to the sauce. I chose one that sounded good to me. It cant get any easier. You throw everything into a blender or food processor and you are done. It tastes fantastic.

We are still working on the rolls I made the other day. Although I think there are only 3 left. Everyone loves them. We like to put a little bit of butter on them and then drizzle honey over them. But not just any honey. Local honey. I never thought there would be a big difference in the store bought stuff, and the local stuff. I don't know where my grocery store (Kroger) gets their honey, but after tasting a jar of fresh, local, straight from the hive honey, I will NEVER buy the store stuff again. If you can get your hands on local honey, try it. You won't be sorry.
I am attempting another recipe for Bolognese Sauce today. I'm hoping to be happier with the flavors this time. Wish me luck!
Oh! I almost forgot. We got the preschool application for Dylan in early enough, and he will be able to attend! I am so excited. They are having an open house in April, where we will take Dylan in so he can meet his teacher and see his classroom. It will give Ryan a chance as well to see everything. I'm so excited for August more than ever now! Dylan will benefit so much from this. I know he will truly enjoy it.


  1. Very nice blog. Happy to follow. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas as well :-)


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