Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Change

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we went out to dinner with friends. The boys did well. Dylan didn't eat much, but that's been the trend lately with him. Ethan and I split a meal, and I swear he ate half of it. He can be a pig. Sunday we woke up late. Technically it was late, but to our bodies it wasn't. We did the whole time change thing overnight. So Ethan, who is the house's alarm clock woke up at what was really 9 am, but to his mind and body was only 8. I was shocked he slept so late. It was nice. So we all had breakfast and headed out to run errands. Again, the boys did great. When I say the boys, I really am only talking about Ethan. He's like a box of never know what you are going to get. He did fine. We tried to grab lunch, but we hit it at prime lunch time and things were packed. So not wanting to wait, we grabbed fast food and headed home.
It was a strange feeling last night at 6 pm. It was still light out. I'm not used to that at all. I will get used to it, and enjoy it, but it felt off. Then this morning it was awful getting up when it was still dark outside. I really wanted to stay in bed. But Monday mornings are our go days, so I had to wake everyone up. Its a horrible feeling waking Ethan up. The kid actually sleeps and here mommy is waking the beast. Hopefully the beast takes his nap this afternoon. He has been doing fairly well this past week. I have been putting him down a little earlier in the mornings, and letting him sleep only an hour. He stays happy, and then goes down well for his afternoon nap, and we have had nice evenings. Lets hope the trend continues.
I know everyone has seen and heard about the horrible disaster in Japan. The photos and videos are truly amazing and awful. The shear power of the water. I cannot imagine what those people are going through, or what they have been through. The kids. When they mention the kids who have lost their entire families, it tears me apart. I cant handle seeing that. I can't explain what it does to me inside. Its just so sad. Makes you hug your own a little more, and be that much more thankful for where you are and what you have.

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