Friday, April 1, 2011

Right now..

Right now there is a batch of Heavenly Yeast Rolls working in the bread machine. I've been wanting to make these again, but keep putting it off because I don't want to be tempted at snacking on them! If you'd like to see my previous post on making the rolls, click HERE. They should go well with tonight's dinner of Honey Chicken. I found that recipe on It has curry in it. I have been wanting to use curry in another recipe, so hopefully it turns out well. That is what is planned for dinner at least. But plans can change. We don't have any plans for the weekend. Ryan will probably be busy on Saturday anyway. The boys have been playing well together all day. It is such a nice change! Whether they play well totally depends on Dylan and his mood. I tell you that boy can be so moody and emotional. He isn't hard to read. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. He is going to be an interesting teenager that's for sure. I was able to get the rest of the clothes together to go to Goodwill. They just need to be bagged and taken in. I found a couple of other miscellaneous things too that I wanted to get rid of. I hope to take it all in on Monday and be done with it. After that I hope to get y dining room back in order and looking nice again. So that will be next week's task. In my previous post I linked up with a couple of blogs to feature a picture I took. I look forward to linking up each friday. I like being able to show off a picture I am proud of, but I also love looking at what others have taken. I found some really nice photo blogs through those link ups. There are so many wonderful photo blogs out there and the people behind those blogs are so nice. They offer their help if you need it, and give their (valuable) honest opinion. And really it is fun! If you get a chance, go and browse the blogs I linked up with. Oh, and the Reds won yesterday in their opener. Remember my baseball post? So yay!

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