Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays wear me out

I am so tired. Again. I don't know why I have felt so tired lately. It has rained all day today so that doesn't help at all. I wish I could get yesterday back. It was a nice day. We got a few things done, the kids were in a good mood. The weather was great. For dinner, Ryan grilled steaks for dinner. I roasted some potatoes and then made a french bread to go along with it all. The bread was great. Patting myself on the back! I would be glad to share the recipe, so feel free to contact me if you'd like it. It is an extremely easy recipe. The finished product! We don't have many plans for the week. Tomorrow though is an open house at the preschool Dylan will be attending in the fall. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. Hopefully Dylan will be excited and not too shy when we go tomorrow evening. Oh no. I hear the sounds of Ethan waking up. I am so not ready for that kid to be awake yet.


  1. I am feeling the same way today. In fact I am off to take a nap!!!

  2. Mondays are yucky.

    I'm with was a great weekend and I'd love to bring it back!

  3. Hi I found you from the "simply follow" group..
    I know you've gotten half a million comments before mine about this, but your photos are AMAZING!!!! SOOO pretty!!!

    following you for sure! =)

  4. Mondays may wear you out but it might make you appreciate Saturday that much more! All the best to those cute kids!!!


  5. Yum! That bread looks so good! Hope your preschool visit goes okay! I am a TA at one for a 2's class. The kids have so much fun! Harder on mom's than it is on the kiddos! ;)


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