Sunday, April 3, 2011


It's been a nice day. Ryan got up with the kids this morning so I could stay in bed a little longer. That hasn't happened for a month or so. It was good. Once I got up, he made breakfast for everyone. Ethan wasn't thrilled about the eggs. But I thought it was good. I did all of the dishes and played with Ethan for a while before his nap. Once he went down, Dylan and I went to town. We walked around Walmart and then dropped off our stuff at Goodwill. And since we were out, we stopped at Subway and got everyone lunch. It was good! We've had a good day.
Last night, dinner turned out much better than I expected. I made our strip steaks, and found a recipe for a wonderful sauce. It was a mustard caper sauce that I found on Click HERE if you'd like the recipe. Like I said we used strip steaks, and not flank like the recipe calls for. That sauce was awesome! All we had was a medium sweet wine, so I used it instead of what the recipe called for and it was fine. I think Ryan and I were both surprised at how good it was. YUM! Try it. After dinner I made smores in the oven. I bought the good chocolate and followed a recipe from Food Network. Click HERE if you'd like to see it. The recipe calls for steeping tea leaves, but I just skipped that part of it all. They were good, but rather labor intensive. I think it would have been quicker to go out and light a fire and do them the traditional way. I'm glad I tried it though! Before After I am supposed to be working on my grocery list right now. I got side tracked a bit. I'm having a hard time getting ideas for the week's meals.


  1. Yummy, Smores! One of the best inventions ever. Your steaks sound great too!

  2. These look delicious! And I often have problems make meal plans. Nothing ever sounds good when I sit down to make a grocery list.

    Marla @


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