Monday, April 25, 2011


Well remember when I said that this weekend would be filled with pictures? Yeah, not so much. Saturday's plans got cancelled. So we stayed home. I did get a few things done though. I feel so glad that I was able to get it done. So while Saturday was not as planned, it wasn't all bad either. Sunday morning we got up a little late, which was nice. I got Ethan up and then got Dylan up and made them eat their breakfast. After breakfast, Dylan discovered the baskets. Ethan was less than thrilled. Dylan got 2 puzzles and some underwear, and Ethan got a car that you shake, and then it goes. Like I said, he was less than thrilled. Both boys also got these little eggs, that once you break open the top, you water it, and a flower is supposed to grow from the egg.

Sunday we went to my Great Aunt's. It was a long drive, but shockingly the boys did fine. I thought Ethan would have a fit, but he was good. He napped for less than an hour on the way over. I was so hoping that he would sleep most of the way, but at least he slept a little. We stayed for a couple of hours and left before Ethan had a chance to meltdown. He was getting a little fussy. He didn't sleep a wink on the way home, but he barely fussed at all. With his lack of sleep that day, I am so surprised at how well he kept it together. We didn't get to go out and hunt eggs at all because of all of this rain.

Again today is it raining. It rained Saturday, and Sunday too. It is supposed to rain all the way until Thursday. This week is Ryan's birthday. We really don't have much planned. Once you get out of your teens, aren't birthdays all the same? They are for me at least. I'm sure we will go out to eat sometime this week for his birthday. Right now I have a chocolate cake cooling on the counter. I will ice it and then do my best writing on it. I don't have much luck writing on cakes! I always start out too big and run out of space or icing. And then you are lucky if you can read it! Oh well, its the thought that counts, right?

Right now, Dylan is on the floor making a picture for his Papaw for Papaw's birthday, which is also later this week. So far he has made his version of a birthday cake, and then stuck tractor stickers on top of the cake, and he make a tractor (so he says) and drew Molly, Papaw's dog. He likes to make birthday cakes for people when it's thier birthday. I am hoping Ethan sleeps this afternoon. He is still awake right now though. I just want to lay down and rest for a little while. I don't know why I am so tired. Again. Maybe its the rain...


  1. I do the SAME thing with cakes. For Jensen's I stuck to ordering it lol!

  2. I will have to look for the egg flower pot thing next year.


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