Thursday, April 14, 2011

ABCs of Me

I saw this on another blog I follow called LiveWell, LaughOften, LoveMuch. I thought it was cute, so I wanted to do it here! If others want to do it as well, join in!
Age 27, soon to be 28. I had to do the math to get it...sad Bed Size Queen
Chore I Hate absolutely positively hate cleaning the cat litter. But I like my kitties so it must be done.
Dogs we have a pug, Chloe inside, and a boxer, something mix, Jed, outside. Ryan named him, not me...
Essential Start of Your Day coffee. Favorite Color hmm. I like blues
Gold or Silver ...silver all the way
Height 5ft 2in
Instruments you Play I used to play Clarinet in middle school. I can play the lowest level of guitar on Rock Band. Does that count?
Job Title Mom, Home maker, Boss of the family
Kids Dylan is 4, Ethan is almost 15 months
Live in smalltown Ohio
Milk or Dark Chocolate depends. If I'm eating just plain chocolate, then dark. But in other candies, milk.
Nicknames none really...
Overnight Hospital Stays for both pregnancies I was in overnight. And maybe once when I was a kid, but I cant remember it.
Pet Peeve where to start? Many. Being late is a big one. I do not like to be late, but yet no matter how hard I try, with these 2, it happens more than it should!
Quote from a Movie I'm not usually a movie quoter. But "I'm your Huckleberry" Said by Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Love that movie.
Right or Left Handed Right!
Siblings I have one younger brother. He is 3 years younger. I have mentioned him a couple of times on here.
Time you Wake up varies a lot. Whenever Ethan wakes, usually around 7 or 730
Underwear Always!
Vegetable You Love hmm. Broccoli (only if its cooked), green beans, lettuce
What Makes you Run Late the kids, or Ryan.
X-rays You've Had well, teeth of course, had one when they were trying to figure out why I was in the ER. Ended up being gallbladder attack. Then I twisted my ankle and they looked at that too.
Yummy Food You Make homemade pizza, bread, and according to Ryan, roasted broccoli.
Zoo Animal you Like the Best the birds!!! I love colorful birds.

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  1. Awesome ABC's Meme!

    I hate being late too - but my youngest always has me running behind! He doesn't always make me late, but he always puts me behind schedule!


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