Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well guess what! It is supposed to rain. Again. Friday into Saturday. Lovely. So much for getting anything done outside this weekend. I know there are plenty of other places that need the rain. I wish I could push it where it needs to be. The guys are going to be late getting into the fields this year because of all of the rain. But again we don't have any big weekend plans. Ryan has to work Saturday night, and now with all this rain moving back in, we won't do much. I hope the weather people get the forecast all wrong and we barely get a sprinkle. At least it is a nice day out today. The sun is out and shining nicely. We are supposed to be over 70 degrees today! While the boys were napping yesterday, I went out and dug up a couple of surviving flowers from our landscaping. I transplanted them into milk jugs that I cut the top off of. No idea if they will survive, but great if they do. Next time I am at the dollar store I can pick up a couple of pots to put them in. That landscaping is supposed to be torn out at some point and redone. It needs to be started all over. It was too far gone when we moved in 6 years ago. Anyway, every year one or 2 pretty little flowers pop up, somehow surviving. Also, while I was out, I took a few pictures. Here is one. I will share more tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful picture! I'm sick of rain too! We're supposed to get some tomorrow evening. I have a booth at a local fair on Saturday & Sunday and hope we don't get rained out!

  2. this picutre is beautiful. and I hear you about this rain. It's been warm and nice here now, but a week ago I thought that tha rain wouldn't stop.Enjoying some warm and sunny weather today. Hope you can do the same!


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