Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend in Review

Not a bad weekend. Ok. Friday Dylan ended his first week of preschool. He had a good week. He spent the weekend with my grandparent's. The rest of us didn't do anything Friday. I just enjoyed my time with only 1 kid. Saturday Ryan and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 7th Anniversary! Technically the anniversary wasn't until Sunday, but that doesn't matter. We ran some errands before dinner. For dinner we went to a place called BD's Mongolian Grill. We had never been there. It was a pretty cool little place! The food was good! We left very very full. They give you a bowl. Then you go and build your stir fry meal. Everything is raw. You go to the meat station and get whatever you type of meat you want. If you don't want meat, then leave it off. Once you get as much meat as you want, you go to the veggie section and pile into your bowl whichever and how ever much of the veggies you want. Next is the sauce and seasoning area. You can do whatever sauces or seasonings you choose. It is all up to you. Then you go to the grill counter. There are a few guys standing around this HUGE cast iron grill thing. You hand them your bowl and they stir fry it for you! Once it is done, they put it on a plate and you are ready to eat. Watching them grill it is interesting. They have these long sword looking tongs that they use to cook your food. Sometimes they will toss those tongs around and up into the air. Anyway, it was a good meal and a fun experience. I would go back! Saturday was nice. Mom stayed here with Ethan so Ryan and I could have a kid free evening.
Sunday Ethan woke up with a cold. Very snotty. You could hear his congestion. And he didn't sleep well at all on Saturday night. So great. I also picked Dylan up on Sunday. And he came home with a cold. How do both of my kids, who were NOT around each other all weekend, come up with a cold at the end of the weekend? Fun. Ethan slept better last night. But I loaded him up with vicks vapor rub. He and Dylan have both been playing like normal today,  but you can hear their congestion. I guess it is a good thing that Dylan didn't have school today.
We aren't doing anything today. Ryan is working. They boys are sick. I did some cleaning here in the living room. Dusting, sweeping. Moving the furniture to sweep and clean. Washing walls (well what I could reach anyway). Some of the walls in the living room are beat up. Beat up from toys. I tossed a bunch of crap. Tomorrow I am going to do the same in the kitchen. Lots of stuff is going to get thrown away. I am going to do my best to get through the house 1 room at a time. Ethan makes it a bit difficult at times...

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you guys had fun!!



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