Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting rid of things and giving to a good cause

As some of you know, I have been doing my best to get ahead of the mess and clutter in the house. I don't know why it is hitting me now. It's not spring. Anyway, we'll call it "End of Summer Cleaning" instead of spring. Its amazing. Every room that I get to, I get at least a whole bag of trash. Today was the bathroom/laundry room. It's all one room. One small room. Again, I got a bag of trash out of that room. There was just so much clutter. Torn clothing that for some reason didn't toss right away. Stuff that got pushed to the back of the cabinet. So now things are a little more organized in there. And it feels so good to get rid of all of that stuff!
Oh before I forget. The topic of Halloween has come up in the house. Dylan says he wants to be a monkey. Goober. So anyway, I thought it was going to be expensive. I see costumes this time of year for over $40! I am so cheap, that I couldn't pay that for one. Just can't. So anyway, I posted Dylan's decision on Facebook and within a minute someone came through for me and posted a link to Old Navy and a monkey costume that is on sale for less than $20! The sale ends tomorrow, so I need to get on it. But anyway, if anyone is looking for costumes, I got an email last week with a code for 10% off at . Go there, find a costume you want and then at checkout, enter this: BLOGGER10
That should give you 10% off. It is not valid with any other offer, and is good through October 16. I have never used the site myself, but if you find something you like, you might as well save some money!
I went into Dylan's room today with the intent to toss some stuff from there too. He has a desk in there filled with stuffed animals. Animals he has never played with. So I came back out and got on the Internet to look for a place to donate stuffed animals. I have seen on television that there are people that give children who have been through a disaster, or traumatic experience, a stuffed animal. It gives them a sense of normalcy and gives them comfort. So when I sat down to find something, that was what I was looking for. Well I think I found it. I have put in an email to my local volunteer apart of an organization called Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, Inc. SAFE for short. According to their website they have been featured in a few magazines recently. They consist of local (a relative term) volunteers who collect these stuffed animals to distribute through the organization or locally. Please check out their site to find out more. Again, I have yet to actually take my animals to my local volunteer. But once I get an email back from my local volunteer, I will be taking them down immediately. They are ready to go into the car. Click on any of the pinkish/purple-ish words in this paragraph to be taken to their website. I have made it pretty easy for you to find out more! If you need help, just email me and I will point you in the direction of the organization. I am glad that I came across the site and just wanted to bring it to your attention. If you have stuffed animals that are just sitting around, not being touched, it is something to think about.
Have a good weekend!

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