Saturday, August 27, 2011

The week in review

Ok, so enough with the vacation posts. Although I think I could talk about it everyday. So when we got back, it was life as usual. Ryan had to work on Sunday for part of the day, and I had loads of laundry and unpacking to do. To tell you the truth...there are still clothes in a suitcase in the dining room. But at least they are clean. The boys and I ran to the grocery store on Monday morning. We had nothing in the house. So it had to be done. Tuesday evening we had the open house for Dylan's preschool. Ryan's parents were unable to go on their vacation, so they came down to help us out and stayed here with Ethan. I am so glad. I think the open house lasted for about an hour or so. They had ice cream for everyone and then a scavenger hunt for the kids. The idea was to get them used to going around the classroom and to get an idea of where things are. Dylan did well, and he seemed to enjoy the hunt. His new teacher was very friendly and talked to Dylan quite a bit. Even though Dylan didn't say much back. But he gets his shyness honestly. They had sign up sheets laid out for all of the party days and for the co-op days. I signed up for the second wednesday of each month. I hope it works out ok. And the one thing I forgot to ask, was about the party days. They had a chance for someone to bring in drinks, someone to bring in food, basically someone to cover each thing they needed. I signed up for 4 parties I think and to bring the drinks for each. But after thinking about it,  I wonder if we are expected to stay for the party or if the co-op parent is the only one that needs to be there. I am hoping that the co-op parent is the only one they need. Otherwise there may be an issue with me being there since I would have to have Ethan go somewhere. So oops on my part, for not asking. It didn't even cross my mind at the time. I just wanted to be able to offer to bring stuff in. Overall it went well, and I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I only get nervous because of my part in the whole thing. I have to go out of my comfort zone a bit when it comes to the co-op part.
The rest of the week wasn't all that exciting. Just normal life. I think it was wednesday...maybe it was thursday...I don't know. Anyway, we had storms go through one night. They weren't severe, but did have a lot of lightning. So yeah, guess what. We lost power. AGAIN! Why does this keep happening? Sounds like the power company needs to do a big upgrade down this way. It went out around 2 am or so one morning. I had no idea how long it would be out, but figured it would be a whole day, since it normally is over 12 hours. I got the boys up and fed them breakfast. I was wanting my coffee so bad since I didn't sleep well. But since the power was out, nothing I could do. So we were just hanging out when about 9 am or so the power came back on! That has to be a record. It was only about 7 hours! So yeah, I made coffee. I get so tired of the stupid power going out down here. Its ridiculous.
So for a while now I have been looking for a small-ish camera bag. I didn't want a big bulky bag and didn't want one of those ugly standard black bags. So I went on the hunt on the big ole Internet. Well guess what. Camera bags are soooooo expensive! I could not find one below $60! I'm sorry but that is nuts. No reason for them to be that much. While I was looking, I came across a website where someone suggested going to and buying a camera bag insert. No bag, just the insert. The padding part. So I went and looked and the smaller size like I wanted was only about $12. Not bad. It got here and was just what I expected. So then all I had to do was find a purse that would fit it. The boys and I went to Walmart today. While I was there, I looked. I had taken my insert with me to make sure it would fit. I found a purse on sale for less than $10 that would work perfectly!!! So my new camera bag that I put together myself cost me less than $20!  How awesome is that? Its perfect and I am happy with it. I was going to ask Ryan's mom if she would make one for me, but I found something that would work for $20 total. No work on her part, haha! I am fine with this one for now, so I will stick with it. Maybe one of these days, I will get tired of it and ask her to make one. She is good at making those types of things.
So here is the insert:

That little gray part has velcro on it, so you can place it inside the big part where ever it works best for you. And of course you can take it out if it doesn't work for you. Here is the link to the insert on Amazon if you'd like to check it out.
And of course there are others if you'd like. Once on, just search "camera bag insert."

And here is the purse I got.

A nice, dark green. The insert fits perfectly inside that bag! So yay for me! I have a camera bag now!

Dylan starts preschool on Monday morning, and then that evening I start my short photography class. I am looking forward to it, but again, I am nervous. I hope I am able to learn a little bit from it.

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  1. Eeek, School!
    I like the bag, awesome you didn't have to spend big bucks on it too!


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