Friday, August 5, 2011

So's Friday

No plans for the weekend. Unfortunately. I'd like to do something, but no idea what. Oh well I guess. A friend of mine came over yesterday with her 2 boys. All of the kids played fairly well together. No fights or injuries, so thats good. The 2 younger ones didn't pay much attention to each other, haha! It was nice for me to have adult conversation for a few hours. Ethan was certainly ready for his nap once they left. Ryan had a dinner/meeting to go to last evening. We all went. I didn't figure the boys and I would make it long. We made it through dinner, but Ethan got cranky once the meeting got going. So we left. Ryan's mom and dad also went to the meeting, so Ryan's mom just left with the boys and I. I don't think we missed anything though.
This time next week I will be packing up the car to leave! I can't wait! This last week is going to drag and drag! I had more to say in this post, but it ran right out of my brain. Hmm. I have been messing with our GPS trying to get the route put into it. For some reason it won't go the way I want it to go. The way that every other map program says to go, the right way! The way we always go. The way we always went. I try to get it to find an alternate route, and all of the sudden it wants to take us on unpaved roads. What in the world? Honestly I think this thing is on its last leg. It takes at least 5 minutes for it to plan a route. It never used to take that long. We can use our cell phones for navigation. I just don't want to for some reason.
As you can see I am not doing my usual friday pictures. I barely picked up the camera this week. So I don't really have anything to share.

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  1. i really liked using my phone for GPS, of course I've never had an acual GPS so maybe not.. haha.
    I hope the next week flies by for you!!


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