Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jarritos! Its fun to say!

I was contacted not to long ago about doing a review, and spreading the word about Jarritos Mexican Soda. So of course I jumped at the chance!
Jarritos was founded in 1950! They were Mexico's first national soft drink. Here in the US, they are the leading Mexican soft drink brand. Jarritos has 11 different flavors of soda. Check out their site for info on all of the flavors. Jarritos is made in Mexico and made with real sugar. No high fructose corn syrup here. They are bottled in glass bottles. How fun is that!?

So Ryan and I shared each bottle of Jarritos so that we could both taste.
Mexican Cola flavor-classic cola taste, only a bit sweeter than the cola we are used to. I enjoyed it, so did Ryan!
Tamarind-this one was a bit different. It almost had no flavor I thought. Almost. There was something there. I cant really describe it though, haha! The light flavor showed up in the back of your mouth. It certainly wasn't bad, I just thought that maybe it lacked some flavor. Maybe more like a lightly flavored tea than a soda. Try it for yourself!
Lime-it had a light lime flavor. It was almost tart, but had a sweetness to it. I personally don't care for a lemon-lime type soda, but this one I could drink. It was smoother than what I thought it would be. Very refreshing.
Mango-light, fruity taste. Ryan loved this one. Says it is his favorite. I'm not big on drinking the citrus flavor of any type. But it was still good.
Strawberry-I loved this one! It was like one of those popsicles in the plastic sleeve, melted, but with carbonation. Fantastic! I'm serious...this one is sooooooooo good!
Fruit Punch- I liked this one. Normally fruit punch is way to sweet for me. This one was perfect. I think the carbonation is what made it so good. This one is a close second to my favorite.
Mandarin- Nice. It wasn't overly citrus-y. I said it before that I don't care for the citrus drinks. The mandarin was not over powering at all but gave a light orange flavor. It is almost a tie for second with me.
Toronjo-Grapefruit flavored soda. It was ok. It wasn't a strong flavor and it wasn't too sweet, which was nice. It was just ok. It certainly wasn't bad. The bottle was green, which was pretty, haha!

Would I buy Jarritos? Yep I sure would.  You can check out the Jarritos website to find a store near you that sells it. If they do, go out and get some. It is a nice treat.
Also, don't forget to save your bottle caps, and go to the Jarritos website! Go to Club Jarritos and enter the codes on the bottle caps and rack up points for prizes or you could win cash. So don't throw those away!

*Disclaimer: I was given no money for my review. Simply just given some soda to taste and then give my honest opinion. My opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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