Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's only Wednesday!

Yeah, I am ready to get this week moving. It is dragging on. Ethan has been grumpy these last couple of days. Yeah, that's nothing new. I was busy all morning going around doing things. But it looks like NOTHING was done. How does that even happen? As of now, I think I can say that I have us 75% packed for our vacation. It is just over a week away. The only reason...and I mean ONLY reason that stuff is not in the car yet is because of this heat we have going on. With the sun and hot temps the car gets to be about a million degrees inside. If it were cooler, most of that stuff would be loaded already. So do you think that I am excited?
It has been cloudy today though. We got some rain earlier. The clouds make me want to take a nap. The temperature isn't all that high, but it is so humid out, its nasty. We don't have much going on the rest of the week. Tomorrow a friend of mine is coming up with her boys for a play date. I think we have managed to do this twice a month now! Not too bad. So that should be nice. Friday we are taking all the animals to the vet. At least that won't take long. I dread doing it, but it has to be done. No plans for the weekend though. Which is perfectly fine!
This was kind of a pointless post, but I guess I ran out of things to say.

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