Monday, August 8, 2011

Can't contain my excitement

...really it is getting hard to contain. I can promise I will be so sad once next week is over. So much anticipation over one tiny week. One short week of vacation in a place I really love. A place that holds so many wonderful memories for me. I wish we could have those vacations back again. I enjoyed them and I am so thankful for them. Thank you to those of you that took me on those vacations. You know who you are.
Since the end of July when we stopped taking Dylan to 'school' on Mondays, I have been doing my grocery shopping on Sunday mornings when Ryan is home so that I don't have to drag both kids in the store with me. I am forgetful enough when I have no distractions, let alone having 2 distractions. Anyway, my point is, I really don't like shopping on Sundays. The produce looks horrible, and things just aren't stocked well. When I would go on Monday mornings, the produce was always nice and fresh, and things well stocked. The last 2 times I have bought strawberries, I can't get them used before they go bad. I want my Monday grocery day back. The day when things are fresh.
Ethan is getting past whatever was going on in his tummy. He is still a little extra poopy, but at least the fire in his pants is going away. For most of his misery all I had on hand was Balmex diaper cream. Why I had Balmex is beyond me. I knew better. With Dylan we always used Desitin. There was a reason for that. It goes on better, stays on better and heals better. The Balmex is just horrible. Its way too thick to go on well, yet its too thick to stay on. And it just doesn't work. So finally on Sunday morning while I was out, I got a big ol tube of Desitin. Well guess what, within no time, the redness was reduced and he wasn't screeching as much at each diaper change, because the stuff went on better. So yeah, there is a huge difference in diaper creams. And I knew that.
Also this morning I registered for a photography class at the local career school or technical school. I don't really know how they classify themselves. It is only 1 evening each week for 7 weeks. But I am so excited and a little scared. It may be a little difficult that one evening a week to get dinner on the table for everyone and get out the door in time to get to the class, but I will do it. I think I would wonder what I missed if I didn't do it. It would also be nice if it worked out to be able to take the second class once winter is here and harvest is over. We'll see how well I like this class first though. It starts the same day that Dylan starts preschool. Now all I have to do is REMEMBER that I have this class! I'm nervous.
Didn't I tell you a while back that I am so excited for August?! I hope everything works out....


  1. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!! I know what you mean about shopping with the kiddos--my husband is in school right now and so I always take my two with me...if something's not on the list, I'm not going to remember it! Even being on the list is no guarantee, lol!

    Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

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