Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation: Part Two

*Again, I am breaking it up a little mainly because of the photos I want to share.*

The Arrival:

So we got into Garden City Sc around 2 pm. Check in isn't until 4 so you can't really expect your house to be ready before that. All we did was walk in and ask if it was ready. They checked, and said it wasn't yet. We gave them a phone number to call when it was ready. So we headed back out and drove down to the house just to look at it. We were so excited! After we drove by, we then went back to Garden City and parked. We walked into a parking lot over looking the beach so the boys could see the ocean. We hung out there for a little while.

I think Ethan was in a daze from the 12 hour drive.

We hung out there for a bit before walking a little and going into a store to look around to kill time. By the time we did all of this, it was almost 3. We left the store and went back to the car. We had planned on just driving around for a little while to look at things and wait on the phone call. We loaded the boys in and just as Ryan was getting into the car, his phone rang. The house was ready! He went in, signed a paper and walked out with the keys!
We drove back down to the house and very very quickly unloaded the car. All of our stuff from the car ended up in the kitchen and living room and didn't get unpacked until much later in the evening. We wanted to get in the pool, we wanted to go to the beach, we wanted dinner! So we did some of each that first evening. We ordered pizza and had it delivered. Yuck. That pizza place was awful. After a long day we were so happy to be there. The house is just like we imagined it. We were very happy with it.

Living Room 


Dining Room

Pool Area

Pool area all lit up at night!

Stay tuned for more!

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