Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Monday Eve

I had my class last night. I had to leave the house at 5:30 to be at the class by 6:30. I was unsure of how bad the traffic would be. Ryan was supposed to be home by then to watch the kids. And it was all supposed to work out, and do so smoothly. Well because of a squad run he chose to go on, he wasn't going to make it home in time. So he had his parents run down here last minute. I am thankful for them running down here like that last minute, but I was NOT happy about it. Ok, I was PISSED. Taking this class wasn't supposed to inconvenience the whole family. He was supposed to be home. So yeah, I left mad. I got stuck in traffic because the phone company was working on the lines. I did make it on time thankfully.
So we get into the class and the instructor is nice, and seems like someone that we can get a lot of good information from. He is a commercial photographer and has been doing it for too many years to count. He hands out his outline of what he wants to talk about that evening. And it looks promising. Well turns out that there were a few people there who could barely turn their cameras on. Learning how to use your camera is NOT what that class is for. There IS a class for that. But not this class. Turns out, those people are ALSO taking that more basic class too. Its just a different night of the week. So he does his best to get into the class and explain some basic terms and principles. He just keeps getting interrupted. Interrupted with questions like "well how do I do that on MY camera?" and "what does the 'A' on my camera mean?" Seriously people, read your freaking manual. If you spend the money to buy an SLR camera, the first thing you should do, is read your manual and know what the buttons on your camera mean. If you are taking a class on photography, you should understand your camera before you go into that class. The class isn't called "Learn how to use your Nikon camera." If they would read their manual, they would have a small understanding of some of the ideas in photography. I am there to learn more about photography. I am not there to learn how to change the settings in my camera.
It was a frustrating class, because he was slowed down and interrupted constantly by stupid questions about the camera itself. Instead of just listening, they kept interrupting. At the end of the class, I found out that I was not the only one completely frustrated by what happened. I left at the same time as a few others and we talked about it. So who knows what will happen next class. There isn't any on the holiday of course, so it will be a couple of weeks. I just hope that it doesn't happen again. We only get 7 classes to learn some of this. We won't learn anything if someone keeps trying to get answers on how to use a Nikon.
Today started out pretty crappy. I had a bad headache. A friend of mine was coming up with her boys for a playdate. I didn't want to cancel, so I just dealt with it. My headache went away and they boys played well together. Ethan is supposed to be napping but he isn't. I don't have the energy right now for him to not nap today. He will be so crabby if he doesn't nap. He has been rather crabby overall lately, and is going through a "short nap, up early in the morning, not sleeping as much as he should" phase. Its exhausting me. If he would just be happier overall, I would be fine with his lack of sleep. But he is so grumpy and is such a challenge. I want my "Ethan free" time in the afternoons. I need it. I am not getting it. So I don't know. So far most of the day has been crappy. I really just want it to be over. I am ready for bed.

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  1. Sorry to hear that your class didn't go so well. Photography is so much fun. Love capturing those special moments. I hope you have a better class next time a round.

    I know how that feels to be deprived of sleep get a good nights rest and start a fresh new day tomorrow.



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