Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation: Part Three

*We are getting to mainly picture posts now*

We spent most of our week going back and forth from the pool, to the beach and relaxing inside while Ethan napped. Dylan was a fish. Once he got used to his Puddle Jumper floatie, he was all over that pool. It was fantastic. If you need a good floatie, check out Puddle Jumpers. Ethan didn't care much for the pool. We had a floatie for him too, but he hated it. He didn't even care for being held. He just didn't like it all that much. We had Dylan in the pool when Ethan was napping most days. In the mornings we would go out and do things if we wanted to. And in the evenings after dinner, we would take the boys to the beach to play in the sand. We had lunch at the house each day as well as breakfast. We went out to dinner a couple of nights too. I enjoy going out to eat. I just with Ethan did. He is always hit and miss when it comes to going out to dinner. Some times he will do just great, and other times he is a nightmare!
So here are pictures of Dylan in the pool and of the boys on the beach!

More later!

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  1. aww. I love them playing together in the sand. :) my little guy would love to join them ha.


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