Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend in Review

A couple of things. If you are wondering how Ethan is doing, scroll down for our weekend review. Second, I am linking up with Chic Homeschool Mama for Monday Rewind. I chose this picture, because I have hope that the troubles of the weekend are gone. And that the rain that we are going to get decides to go elsewhere.

What a tiring weekend. So after my post on Saturday, things didn't get any better. Ethan became more more miserable. Napping went out the window, fever stayed, and I think he was in pain. We did our best to make him comfortable and help him sleep, but nothing was working. We all ended up going up to Ryan's mom and dad's for the dinner that I mentioned. Ethan didn't do too bad. You can see that he wanted to play and be involved, but you could just see that he didn't feel good. He ate a little, and for the most part didn't fuss much. He had quite a few people to baby him though, so that was great. The kids got to do an Easter egg hunt, and they loved it. I will show pictures of Dylan doing that later in the week sometime. Dylan had a very busy day, and he loved every minute of it. Ethan and I came home a little early from the dinner, because he was getting so tired. Ryan and Dylan came home a little later. Ethan didn't sleep hardly at all that night. Between Ryan and I, he slept on our chests all night. He just acted restless. Like he couldn't stay still. We felt so bad for him. He was so exhausted and there was nothing we could do to help him.

Sunday we didn't do anything. Ethan wasn't napping well of course, but we tried. He didn't eat much either. He was still miserable and uncomfortable. It is so frustrating as a parent when you cant do anything to comfort or help your sick child. Ethan did his best to get through the day, but it was hard. Ryan's parents came down to color Easter eggs with Dylan. Ethan and I hung out in the living room until he couldn't take much more. I took him to his room and put him to bed. He was out like a light in no time. But he kept waking up and whining/crying. Well actually I don't think he was totally awake. I went in there quite a few times and he never looked at me, so I don't think the was totally awake. This went on for most of the night. But really I guess he was sleeping so we were making progress. His fever seems to be gone for the most part. He hasn't felt warm since mid day Sunday. He made it through the night and is napping again. I haven't heard a peep out of him since I put him down an hour ago. He played a lot better this morning and ate better too. I think we are getting past this. I know its only been a few days, but its been a long few days.

Here are a few pictures of the rash from Saturday morning. It even got worse than this. Sunday it looked truly awful. I didn't take any pictures that day. Exhaustion caused a foggy brain I guess.

You can see it on his cheek and then on his arms. It covered his whole body like that. Even the bottom of his feet.

His cheeks got much much redder

Look into those eyes and tell me that he isn't miserable. Poor baby

Moving on to what will hopefully be a good week. We don't have any plans for the week. It is once again supposed to rain. A lot. Go figure. I have hope that they will change the forecast though and it won't rain all week.


  1. The rainbow picture is fantastic.
    So sorry to hear about your little guy, hope he is back to normal soon!

  2. Beautiful rainbow.

    Poor little guy! Hope he is doing better!

  3. Such a lovely rainbow photo; I hope your little man feels better soon!

  4. Awesome rainbow shot! and hope your poor little one gets better soon.


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