Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I Like

I thought that I would share a list of random things that I like or enjoy.

I love Myrtle Beach as a vacation spot. I have so many wonderful childhood memories from visiting this place year after year. I am excited to take both kids there and hope to make it a regular vacation spot for us. There are so many things there to keep kids busy, its wonderful.

Coffee. I must have coffee. This is my normal brand. I love my coffee.

This network is great. Dylan watches it in the mornings. The shows are great. Much better content than Nickelodeon. Now don't get me wrong, Nick does have some shows that are perfectly fine. Mainly thier morning shows. I just prefer PBS I think.

I have a total weakness for Nerds. No idea why. I just can't resist those little things, haha!

I use snapfish everytime I get my photos developed. It is so simple to upload them and have then sent to you. I hate going to Walmart. Hate it. So this is one less Walmart trip that I have to make. There are totally good on customer service too. I had an issue once. I emailed them, asked them and then they fixed it and kept one happy customer.

I love my camera! This thing makes me happy everytime I take pictures. I have so much to learn about it and photography still, but I just love this camera. There are so many wonderful things about it.

Natural applesauce. No sugar added. Why on earth would you buy applesauce that has high fructose corn syrup in it? Thanks Motts. You know what else is nice about it? I can buy it in bulk at Sams Club!

Those are just a few of the things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?


  1. I love Mrytle Beach, I always went as a kid too and the past 2 years I've kept that tradition with my girls.

    My oldest daughter will ONLY eat natural applesauce with no sugar added. :)

  2. I'm diabetic, so I only eat no sugar-added foods...besides Reese's :P
    I also can't live without my coffee right now. Literally don't think I could function.


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