Sunday, May 22, 2011


This morning I took the boys to get summer shoes. Ryan's mom went with me to make the whole process of getting 2 boys new shoes a lot quicker. And it was. I found the style I wanted for Dylan and she handled Dylan while I looked for something for Ethan and I handled him. Ethan was not happy at all about being in the stroller. I don't know why, but he was not. He fussed most of the time. I also wanted to get Dylan some more t-shirts. I got a few, but I don't get why you can't just buy plain t-shirts anywhere anymore. Why do they all have to say stupid things or have weird pictures on them? Just give me a plain shirt. They stick that stupid crap on shirts as an excuse to charge 3 times as much as they should. Ridiculous. So I got what I needed and took Dylan to the bathroom and then took the boys to the car and let Ryan's mom go to a few stores she wanted to hit. As soon as I put Ethan in the car he was content. He hated the stroller, but was perfectly fine to be strapped down in his carseat. Weirdo! You would think he would enjoy being out and looking at things. I will never figure these kids out. At least I got what I wanted and we should be good to go for a little while with the boys and their summer stuff. If we need anything else, we will just get it as we go.
Ryan and his dad were able to start in the fields today. Although, it looks like this will be the only day for a week or more. But at least they are able to do something. Something is better than nothing. I left Dylan with Ryan in the tractor after I dropped Ryan's mom off at home. Dylan was thrilled, and so am I! Ethan and I came home and ate and he went to sleep. He didn't get his morning nap this morning so he was pretty tired. Here are 2 pictures I took real quick with my cell phone. They aren't the best, but I did what I could with them once I got home. One of them was planting and the other was working ground.

Hopefully when they get back out there, I will get better pictures and actually have the big camera on me. If I trusted myself more, then I would carry it all of the time, but honestly I am afraid to!

Update: Its been a few hours since I originally posted this. They had to stop due to a pop up thunderstorm that moved through and totally rained them out. Stupid rain! Can someone make it stop?

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