Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Tuesday

Tuesday was my birthday. I turned 28. Tuesday was crap. Monday went fine. I took Dylan to school like always, and went to get groceries. I spent way too much on groceries as always. Nothing to exciting. Mondays usually are not. When I picked Dylan up at school, he protested leaving. He did not want to go. They were out playing when I got there. Dylan had been playing in the water from all of this rain. His shoes were soaked. I was a little ticked that he protested. Anyway...
That evening storms moved through again. Around 7:30 that night, we lost power. The wind broke a pole off just down the road and the lines went down in the field. I thought for sure that since a pole went down, that they would be out here rather quickly to fix it. I was wrong. We went to bed Monday night without power. Since we had no power and I had no baby monitor. If I went upstairs to sleep, then I wouldn't be able to hear the kids. So I slept down on the couch. I did not sleep well. Anytime I heard a vehicle go by, I hoped it was the power company. We woke the next morning with no power. I did what I could for the boys' breakfast. I was afraid to even begin to open the fridge. Mid morning, Ryan's dad brought a generator to run our fridge. I was so worried about all of the food that I just bought from the store. He saved our fridge supply. It wouldn't have lasted much longer. The generator was beyond annoying, but I was very thankful to have it. Ryan's dad stuck around to make sure it ran well too. Around 2:30 or so that afternoon power FINALLY came back on. It took them way too long to get out here to restore our power. That morning I used my trusty smartphone to hop on the internet and get on the power company's website. It said there were 33 residents without power in the county. I can promise that near all of them were on this ONE road. And were without power because of that ONE pole. I am not very patient when it comes to power outages. See, this is the first time we were given a chance to use a generator. So normally when the power goes out, we have no use of the fridge, no way to cook or heat anything. So no food. We also have a well. Which means we need a pump for our water. The pump runs on electricity. Which means that we have no water use when the power is out. So yeah...I have ZERO patients for power outages.
It just made for a very long day. I was a little stressed, and very tired. I wanted to take a nap and I wanted to take a shower. I was so happy to get that shower once the power came back. Now, we are going to get more storms tonight. There is so much nasty weather headed in our direction. Please send us some good thoughts or whatever you can spare that we won't get any bad weather tonight. Its not looking great.
On a bit of a lighter note, the other day, I won a giveaway on another blog called "Whatcha Talkin Bout Willis." It was a giveaway from a company called Diamond Candles. Click HERE to go to their website if you are curious. They make candles and stick rings inside each candle. If you get lucky, you get a very valuable ring. I had never heard of them before her giveaway. When I went to the website, I was a little skeptical, because from their pictures it looked like the candles were kind of small. That is not the case. These candles are a very good size. And the scent is strong. Its not a wimpy candle. I hate paying for a candle that loses it scent when you open it up. This one does not. I used it the day I got it because of that stupid power outage. I can't wait to burn it down and get the ring out! I will keep everyone posted on how that turns out! So here are a few pictures I took the other night of the candle and its flame. I was a little bored before I went to bed that night.

I will be back tomorrow to tell you about my day today. It was a bit better.


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