Monday, May 16, 2011

Tornado Alley and Weekend Review

Dylan had a nice weekend with my grandparents. He got all of the attention he could want. He played outside most of the weekend. I think they had decent weather for the most part. We had off and on rain most of the weekend. We met my grandparents and picked Dylan up Sunday afternoon. He was tired. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. That hasn't happened in a very long time.
Saturday my Mom came over to stay with Ethan while Ryan and I went out. We went to see the imax film, Tornado Alley. In case you were wondering about the movie, I liked it. Seeing tornado footage on a giant screen is awesome. The movie itself was only about 45 minutes long. It was just like watching an episode of the series Storm Chasers. You got some of the back story of them chasing, and explaining what is going on, and then you got the storm footage. They told a little about the Vortex project, and why Sean Casey built the TIV. With the giant screen, it was really cool. I could have sat there and watched hours of that footage on the big screen. The end, or the build up to the end was a little disappointing, and not quite what I expected it to be. But I would pay to see it again. I was so glad we were able to go!
The weekend was nice. Both boys were in bed early Sunday because they were both tired and grumpy. I still had to wake both of them up this morning to get out the door. Dylan woke up in a good mood though. We also woke up to cold weather. The heat is back on in the house. It is only 40 some degrees out! And still off and on rain. I thought we were done with the cold weather. Guess not.
Ethan is officially off bottles now. He finally started taking the straw sippy cups. I can't tell you how much of a relief that is. I was so ready to be done with bottles. He was not. Until last week. I guess it finally just clicked with him. Now I just have to bring myself to toss out the bottles. This officially ends my life with bottles. Another milestone for me. Did you get my hint in there? I mean no more babies for me. Guess what the next big milestone will be for me. Yep diapers. But we are a good way off from being done with diapers. Thinking back, on Saturday we saw a couple with a tiny baby, who was fussing a lot by the way, and I told him that if babies stayed that small longer, and popped out sleeping through the night, that I would have another kid. But since they don't,  I am not.
I am totally slacking in the picture taking department. Its been a while since I have even picked up my camera. I feel bad about that, but there has been no motivation at all. I have also not seen any hummingbirds. Although I haven't been sitting and waiting for them either. I may have to move the feeder though. But if I were a hummingbird, I would be in a hole somewhere staying warm and dry in this crappy weather. I am not a hummingbird, but that is what I am going to do today. Have a good Monday.
(And I am asking again, to vote on the right hand side of the page) I like the exposure I was getting.

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