Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday

On Sunday I made my run to the grocery store. I wasn't sure how Ethan would feel Monday morning and if he would make it through a shopping trip. So I braved the store Sunday. Normal grocery day is early on a Monday morning, so there aren't many people there. And I normally shop in a smaller town with a newer Kroger store. It is usually a pleasant experience, except for the bill, haha! This time I went to a different store, because I wanted to bring home pizza for dinner, which meant I had to go to another town. Of course when I get there the store is packed. Great. I grab a cart and get going. I am doing my best to hurry and still get everything on my list. I am a little turned around because the store layout is different. I swear that in every single isle, there were people who would park their cart on one side, and stand on the other side. So when you wanted to pass them, you couldn't. I don't know how many times I had to say "excuse me." How can you not see another human being with a shopping cart? Why are you so inconsiderate that you have to act like you own the canned veggie isle? And then you run into a couple who are shopping together. One is pushing the cart, and one is walking beside the other. Again, taking up the entire isle! There is also the people who know each other and decide to take a coffee break to catch up, right in the middle of the isle. I am not one who wants to spend my time socializing in the store. Sorry. Get my crap and get out. It took me much longer than it should have because of people who are inconsiderate. I make it a point when I am shopping to keep to myself. The employees at this store were not nearly as friendly as the employees at my regular store. Maybe its because they are busier? I don't know, but it was not a welcomed change. What happened to the days when people actually considered others? What happened that some people think they are superior to any other? I know things are more stressful right now for people, but wouldn't a simple, kind gesture or smile from a stranger help improve your day? It would for me. A 'thank you' or just a smile. I may not be the most friendly out going person in the world at times, but still, can manage a 'thank you' and a smile when I cross anothers path. Really it doesn't take much to be kind.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

Dylan had a blast searching the the eggs. I can't believe that the weather cooperated for that one day either.

We have nothing going on this week. Rather boring week. Ethan was quite grumpy today for some reason. He isn't napping well today either. Who knows why. It makes for a long day though.

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