Friday, May 20, 2011

Foto Friday!

Happy Friday to all. Back to the link ups! I am linking and showing off this shot that I took of the hens and chickens in a pot I have out front.

and then, she {snapped}

Now here are a few others as well. Another shot of the hens and chickens plant:

Our weeds, haha!

And one after I put the mail in the mailbox. Why? I don't know...

Can you believe that May will be over soon? Flying by...


  1. I like your mailbox shot, lovely greens

  2. Wonderful shots! Love the mailbox with your house in the background. Great idea!

  3. beautiful shots for a friday....
    I love the perspective in the mailbox shot!

  4. I never knew hens & chickens was the name of that plant! I love the mailbox shot, just because it's somewhat unexpected. :)

  5. I love chicks & hens - we have some around our garden. And those yellow flowers are gorgeous weeds - wow!

    I love the mood that you captured with these pictures. Very mellow.

  6. Great pics -- love the hens and chickens.

  7. These are fun. My faves are the mailbox (just because) and the pretty yellow weeds. Enjoy your weekend! :)


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